Mobile carriers give data in small packages. Even the so-called unlimited data pack is limited to a few GBs per day. In such a scenario, losing data unnecessarily and paying huge data bills feels bad, right? Sometimes, acts like streaming an entire series or movie on Netflix make you lose it, whereas, other times auto-updates, app sync, and various phone settings consume your entire data and add to its cost. Therefore, the best data saver apps for Android is what you need to control the data usage and save your hard-earned money from mobile carrier bills.

Although smartphones come with various data saving settings such as turn off sync and auto-updates, still to control data usage better you require the mobile data saving apps to reduce your data consumption.

We have tried and tested the apps available on Play Store and curated the best mobile data saving apps especially for our readers. These apps make sure that your data does not magically vanish. We talk about these fantastic data-saving apps in the next segment of this post.

Top 10 Best Data Saver Apps for Android – Save Mobile Battery

You end up losing even 5 GB data in a snap of fingers, right? But, not anymore. The apps to reduce your data consumption shared below help you save those valuable GBs and your money without any hassles.

1. My Data Manager – Data Usage

Rated as one of the best data saving app for Android 2019, this app still holds its top position and helps you save money on your phone bill with ease. It tracks your data consumption and alerts you whenever you’re on the verge of running out of data. Here are some of its notable features/pros.


  • Shared plan to track the data usage of everyone in your family
  • Lets you monitor data usage in a single tap across multiple devices
  • Gives daily budget recommendations based on the data left in a particular cycle
  • Allows you to track the historical data consumption

Apart from the above features and pros, below are its noteworthy cons.


  • Allows only one data cycle
  • Permissions such as location, device ID, calls, etc. may seem intrusive to some users

In our view, even after considering these two cons, My Data Manager is undoubtedly among the must-try and best data saver apps for Android.

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My Data Manager

2. Data Usage Monitor

This mobile data saving app equipped with beautiful UI is our second pick for the list of the best data saver apps for Android. Below are the features/pros that prompted us to include this app in our post.


  • Lets you measure the data traffic automatically whenever you launch the app
  • Informs you about the apps consuming most of the data
  • Has premium features such as app widget, data limiting, and hotspot sharing
  • Easy to understand data statistics and graphs that show wifi and mobile data usage separately.

Along with the above pros, we also noticed a few minor cons. Here they are.


  • Has support for only a fixed set of periods
  • The layout needs to be improved a bit.

After analyzing the pros and cons, we can surely conclude that this is one of the best apps to reduce your data consumption.

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Data Usage Monitor

3. DataEye | Save Mobile Data

This app keeps an eagle eye on your data usages so that you can save valuable data with ease. Here’re its unique features/pros that caught our attention and made the app feature in the list of the best mobile data saving apps.


  • Bonus capabilities to save your phone’s battery from draining out
  • Helps you keep track of data usage even when you’re roaming
  • Helps control data traffic effortlessly
  • Provides useful and easy to understand statistics about your data consumption
  • It comes with a lot of exciting offers.

Along with the above pros, DataEye also has its fair share of cons. Here they are.


  • Sometimes, even blocks the allowed apps
  • A bit heavy on the battery, i.e., consume slightly more battery than the other apps.

The bottom line is, this is one of those much-needed and the best data saver apps for Android that you may try.

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4. GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

This among the most straightforward, versatile, and easy to use mobile data saving apps. Here’re the features/pros that make it one of the best data saver apps for Android available currently.


  • Live real-time graphs to show which app is using your mobile or wifi data
  • Instant alert whenever any new app tries to access the network
  • Lets you view which app used most of the data in the past month or week
  • Has a speed meter to display the real-time data usage
  • It has an in-built firewall to protect you from suspicious apps.

Talking about the cons, we noticed a few bugs while testing the app. Here they are.


  • A lack of frequent updates
  • A bit slower than other apps on this list.

After going through the pros and cons, we believe that you should give this one of the best apps to reduce your data consumption for the features and the uncluttered UI it offers.

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

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5. Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter

This flexible, protective, and one of the best data saver apps for Android helps you easily track and save your data. Have a look at these striking features/pros of the app before you jump on trying it.


  • Contains a multitude of good looking widgets
  • Has an in-built wifi scanner
  • Analyzes network connection, traffic breakdown, and cellular data usages with precision
  • Comes with a net-meter

In addition to the pros, here are the cons you must consider before installing the app.


  • Fewer features than other apps in the lot
  • Slightly confusing user-interface.

We recommend this app if you want to get cool widgets along with saving the data.

Data Monitor

6. InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall

Being based on VPN makes this mobile data saving app standout from the rest of the best data saver apps for Android. Apart from this, here’re a few of its key features and pros.


  • Automatically disables the background activities for selected apps
  • Fully control and reduces the data used by your mobile apps
  • Offers firewall protection without any root requirements
  • It has five exciting themes.

Talking about the not so good things about this app, i.e., the downsides, here we list them down.


  • A bit tough to understand for the first time users
  • No option to block app notifications.

If the above two cons do not bother you, then this is undoubtedly one of the best apps to reduce your data consumption.

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall

7. Data Saver

This power-packed, lightweight, easy to use, and our third last pick for the list of the best data saver apps for Android lets you connect with nearby a local wifi connection and save your data. In addition to this, below are its other fantastic features and pros.


  • Requires very less space on your phone
  • Helps save the battery
  • Tracks your data usage and displays precise results
  • Searches and finds the nearby networks in a blink of an eye.

Like all the other apps, this app is also not free from downsides. Below are its notable cons.


  • A bit slow in updates
  • UI seems a bit sluggish

If the above two cons do not troublesome, then you can get this app to save money on the huge mobile data bills.

Data Saver

8. 3G Watchdog – Data Usage’

This best tried and tested data saver for Android helps you keep in check the usages and save data with ease. Below are the striking features and pros of this incredible app.


  • Easy to understand charts and graphs of the data you’ve used
  • Shows the usages status as green, orange, and red notifications
  • Has CSV export/import to view historical data of the plan.

No app is completely con-free. All apps have their share of cons. The same is the case with the 3G Watchdog. Here’re its most prominent downsides.


  • Drains battery faster than the other best data saver apps for Android featuring in this blog
  • The free version has a lot of ads

In our view, if you do not mind spending a few bucks or are fine with ads, then it would be great if you try this one of the topmost apps to reduce your data consumption.

3G Watchdog

9. Data Counter Widget

This app to monitor and save the data comes with a widget that you can set up on the device’s home screen and track the data used by various apps. Here are the features/pros that brought our attention to this one of the best data saver apps for Android.


  • Gives you the freedom to configure multiple data plans
  • Comes with the Internet speed meter and quick settings icon
  • Has some premium functionalities like status bar widget and data quota
  • Has support for dual SIM.

Apart from the above pros, we also noticed a few cons with the Data Counter Widget. We share the same below.


  • The widget only displays the monthly data usages
  • No functionality to configure widget in the free version.

If the above two cons do not make any difference in your view, then this is one of the high-rated data saver apps that you must use.

Data Counter Widget

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10. Mobile Data Saving 3G/4G/5G & Wifi Optimize

This last but not least pick for the list of the best data saver apps for Android lets you simultaneously control mobile and wifi data. In addition to this, here are the features/pros that attracted us to this one of its kind apps.


  • Has an app-by-app control on the data usage
  • Detects and help you connect with a nearby public wifi
  • Allows you to track data usage across shared family plans
  • Straightforward, uncluttered, and easy to use interface
  • Has the data saver bubble option to prevent apps from using data in the background.

Pros and cons go hand in hand. As said earlier, no app on the planet is completely free from downsides. Thus, below are the most notable cons of this mobile data saving app.


  • A bit slow
  • Not updated frequently.

Mobile Data Saving

In our view, other than the above cons nothing about this app will make you regret installing it.

This was our review of the best data saver apps for Android. Hopefully, it has helped you select the app that is the perfect fit for your data saving needs. But, if you are confused, then we would recommend My Data Manager and Data Monitor for the features they offer to save you from getting throttled by your mobile carrier. Lastly, before you go, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter and get all the latest tech updates delivered straight to your mailbox.

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