Music is everyone’s companion in any of their mood. People listen to music in sadness to boost their mood. Along with sadness, they listen to it in joy to enjoy their happiness as well. So, we can say that people require music for every mood. However, earlier we used to purchase CDs and cassettes of our favorite music and songs, but, as the technology developed, everything became available over the internet. Now you can listen to music for free, and even download your favorite songs on your iPhone with the help of some best free music download apps for iPhone.

You all might be thinking, what is the need of downloading songs in this online streaming era. OK, so let’s assume that you had a bad day and want to listen to your favorite songs to cheer up your mood. But suddenly you realize, your data connection is not working well, or it is too slow to stream your favorite songs. Now you might say you’ll never forget about recharging your data connection. But what will you do in an area where there is no internet connection or quite poor internet connection. It might have happened with everyone while traveling to a new location or city. Hence, during such a situation, it becomes necessary to have a free music downloader for iPhone installed. You can enjoy your favorite songs with these free music apps for iPhone without WiFi or any internet connection. So, let’s have a look at the list of apps to download music on the iPhone for free.

5 Best Free Music Download Apps for iPhone.

Below, we have mentioned some best free music download apps for iPhone in 2020. These free music apps for the iPhone can ensure your connectivity with music even without an internet connection.

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the oldest free music apps for the iPhone. It was launched in 2008 and still a leading music app for the iPhone. Unlike other music apps, SoundCloud also focuses on one-off tracks. You’ll not be able to find some of such tracks on any other music app. Hence, if you are a fan of such tracks, then SoundCloud is quite recommendable to you. Along with this, the best music app for iPhone is available for free on the App Store. However, you cannot consider it among the list of free music downloader for iPhone as in its free version it only allows you to listen to songs for free. You have to purchase the SoundCloud Go or Go+ account to download and enjoy songs offline for free.


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2. Spotify

Spotify is currently the most popular music app in the world. From iPhone users to Android users, everyone uses Spotify. The main reason for its popularity is its vast music library and integration with almost every single app, from Instagram to Tinder. Along with this, it allows you to easily create playlists of your favorite songs. It even has its playlists according to various moods, festivals, and occasions. Spotify also works as an offline music player for iPhone. It allows you to play songs from your offline music library. This one of the best free music download apps for iPhone allows it’s premium subscribers to download the songs offline for free. However, if you are not a premium subscriber, you can still stream songs and podcasts for free and can also use it as a music player.

Spotify Music and Podcasts

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3. Google Play Music

Another big name on our list of some best free music app for the iPhone is Google Play Music. However, rather than considering it as a free music downloader for iPhone, we would like to consider it as one of the best music streamer app. It can efficiently stream songs that you have on your offline library. Apart from that, if you want to use it as the best offline music app for the iPhone and want to download songs, then you have to subscribe to its premium account. Premium subscribers of Google Play Music can enjoy music offline as well by downloading the music tracks. They are even exempted from ads and get various benefits on other utilities of Google, including YouTube and Play Store.

Google Play Music

4. Evermusic

Here comes a unique music downloader app to download songs from various online storage drives. Evermusic allows you to download music tracks from Dropbox, Google Drive, and various other cloud storage. People consider it among the best free music download apps for iPhone because of its multiple features. You can even use it as a music player for audios of different formats. Evermusic can also stream online music with an exceptional music quality and streaming speed. Apart from all these features, Evermusic also serves as a music tracks manager app. This offline music app for the iPhone can manage and organize songs based on various tags, including the name of the artist, album, etc.


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5. Deezer

Deezer is another exceptional free music downloader for iPhone. But, do not underestimate it as only a music downloader app. It can also stream online music. Deezer can also function as an offline and online music player. Hence, we consider it among some best free music download app for iPhone. The UI is also quite simple. You can create playlists of your favorite songs with ease. Just like many other apps mentioned above, Deezer also allows it’s premium subscribers to download the songs. After that they can enjoy those songs even without any internet connection. Apart from that, anyone can enjoy their favorite songs on Deezer. It is available for free on Apple App Store.


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That’s it. The list of some best free music download apps for iPhone ends here. We hope that the above list helped you to find your best music app to enjoy offline music. If you ask us our favorite, then just like most of the people, we would pick Spotify as our favorite. But everyone has their own preferences. That’s the reason why we have described all these music apps, so that you can get familiar with their features and can easily make a decision on them. So, enjoy music with any of the above-mentioned apps on your iPhone.

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