If you want to delete all the duplicate contents from your phonebook and organize them, try one of these best duplicate contact remover apps for Android and iPhone. 

Earlier people used to have contact diaries to store their contacts. Now you can easily save contacts on your smartphones. Mobile phones have made it easier to store contacts. However, people might end up storing duplicate contacts. Duplicate contacts can create a lot of confusion, and it is next to impossible to filter thousands of contacts manually. Hence, it becomes quite necessary to have some duplicate contact remover apps installed on your smartphones.

At the time when people have thousands of contacts saved in their smartphones, the possibilities of having duplicate contacts are quite high. People do not have that much time to monitor their contact list regularly. That’s the reason why their contact list gets more disordered day by day. After that, it becomes more difficult to remove duplicate contacts on iPhone and Android as well. The only option left is to use some apps to remove or merge duplicate contacts. We have brought a list of some duplicate contact remover iPhone and Android apps that can help you to get rid of the messy contact list and duplicate contacts. So, let’s move to the list.

5 Best Duplicate Contact Remover Apps

Here we have listed some of the best duplicate contact remover apps. You can easily remove duplicate contacts on your Android phone as well as iPhone using these apps.

1. Contacts +

The first name on our list of the best duplicate contact remover Android and iPhone is Contacts+. It was developed by Contacts Plus Team. It is a multi-feature app that can remove duplicate contacts on iPhone and Android phones. The app allows you to merge duplicate contacts and hence helps you to clean up contacts on your iPhone or Android phone. Along with merging the contacts, Contacts + also provides many other features such as a dark theme and phone dialer. Contacts + is the perfect combination of a dialer app and a phone book app. You can download this app to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone and Android both.

Features of Contacts+

  • Removes duplicate contacts easily
  • Interactive user interface
  • Merges duplicate contacts
  • Dual theme interface

Why Choose Contacts+

One of the best contact removers with attractive design and great speed.

Contacts+ best duplicate contact remover Android and iPhone

Download for Android

Download for iPhone

2. CircleBack

CircleBack is a contact manager app for both Android and iPhones. This, the best duplicate contact remover app for iPhone and Android, allows you to manage your contact list more efficiently. The app also comes with some features to delete duplicate contacts on Android as well as iPhone. This one of the best duplicate contact remover apps helps you to remove duplicate contacts by merging them. You can rely on it to remove multiple contacts, as the app doesn’t get confused among the actual duplicate contacts or the contacts that just have the same names. Along with this, CircleBack also provides features such as auto-synchronization of contacts and creating a backup of contacts.

Features of CircleBack

  • Cross-platformed structure
  • Easy to comprehend
  • Very useful in deleting duplicate contacts
  • Auto-sync of contacts

Why Choose CircleBack

A great way to get rid of duplicate contacts within seconds.

Circle Back- best duplicate contact remover app for iPhone and Android

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3. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

Here comes the most powerful app to remove duplicate contacts on iPhone. If your iPhone’s address book got stuffed with so many duplicate contacts, then it’s high time to install Cleanup Duplicate Contacts. This is the best app to find duplicate contacts and can delete multiple contacts from the iPhone with just a few taps. The app can even merge similar contacts. Along with all these things, it can also create a backup of your contacts. After creating backup contacts, you can restore them easily whenever you want. The only drawback is of Cleanup Duplicate Contacts is that you can only use it on your iPhones and iPads. The app is not available for Android phones.

Features of Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

  • Attractive interface design
  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional
  • Backup and restore contacts

Why Choose Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

Deletes duplicate contacts as well as creates and restores backups

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts- app to remove duplicate contacts on iPhone

Download for iPhone

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4. Simple Contacts

Simple Contacts is one of the best duplicate contact remover apps for android. It serves as a complete contact manager for Android. One of the salient features of Simple Contacts is its compact size. Despite being a lightweight app, this duplicate contact finder offers diverse features. You can even export your contacts to an online storage drive with this app and can download them back on any device. Simple Contacts also helps you to keep a check on your emails and important events. If you are looking for a contact management app that can also remove duplicate contacts, then you must try this app.

Features of Simple Contacts

  • Single-platformed
  • Lightweight
  • Loaded with additional features
  • Cloud storage

Why Choose Simple Contacts

Free online cloud storage to store the contacts online and restore as and when required.

Simple Contacts- best duplicate contact remover apps for android

Download for Android

5. Contacts Optimizer

The last name on our list is Contacts Optimizer. It is one of the most focused phone book optimizer apps that you’ll ever get. The app uses some advanced features to optimize your contacts and remove duplicate contacts on iPhone and Android phones. Along with removing duplicate contacts from your phone book, this duplicate contact cleaner app also provides you with similar contacts. Contacts Optimizer even shows you the incomplete contacts and allows you to complete them by filling in the necessary fields. You can also use it to merge similar contacts. Contacts Optimizer is available for free on Android. However, it charges $1.99 for iOS users.

Features of Contacts Optimizer

  • Loaded with contacts optimization features
  • Easy monitoring of contacts
  • Deletes duplicate contacts
  • Intuitive user interface

Why Choose Contacts Optimizer

Easily manage duplicate, similar, and incomplete contacts.

Contacts Optimizer- remove duplicate contacts on iPhone and Android

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Download for iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best Duplicate Contact Remover Apps [Android/iPhone]

If you still have some doubts, we hope that these frequently asked questions can help with everything you want to know:

Q.1 Is there an app to delete duplicate contacts?

Yes, there are a lot of apps on the internet that allows you to delete duplicate contacts easily on your device. Duplicate contact cleaners are available for both Android and iPhone devices. We have provided the best duplicate contact remover app for Android and iPhone in the above write-up to help you in organizing your contacts. 

Q.2 How do I delete double contacts on my iPhone?

It is very easy to delete double or duplicate contacts on your iPhone or any other device. Specific duplicate contact removers for iPhone are available on the internet for the same purpose. Check out the list of the best contacts remover app provided above for further assistance. 

Q.3 How do I get rid of similar contacts on Android?

A lot of duplicate contact remover apps for Android manufacturers provide an option to monitor similar and duplicate apps on your Android device. Go through the above-detailed guide for the best duplicate remover apps for Android and download one that deems fit for you.

Wrap Up: Best apps to Find Duplicate Contacts

Well, these are some of the duplicate contact remover apps that you can use to remove duplicate contacts from your Android and iPhone. It is quite necessary to have a well-organized contact book and these apps can help you in doing that.

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