In this write-up, we elucidate how to fix the problems with ease if your Acer monitor won’t turn on.

Monitor issues are the most irritating thing a computer user can experience, particularly when you have some crucial tasks to complete. However, like many other users, if your Acer monitor is not turning on, you can fix the problem quite quickly and easily.

All that you need to do is, focus all your attention on this article to learn the best fixes to the Acer monitor won’t turn on the issue.

Without making you wait unnecessarily, let’s talk straight about the solutions to the Acer monitor screen not turning on or not displaying anything.

Strongly recommended fix for the Acer monitor problems 

If there is not enough time to go through all the fixes, you can straightaway graphic update drivers (outdated drivers are the top reason for all sorts of issues, including the Acer monitor not working. To update the driver effortlessly with just a click, you can use Bit Driver Updater, i.e., one of the best driver updaters. It performs updates automatically and offers many essential features, like driver backup and restore. Here is its download and installation link.

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Top fixes to Acer monitor not working problem

Below are all the possible solutions you can implement to solve the problem if your Acer monitor turns on but is not displaying any content, or won’t turn on.

Fix 1: Perform preliminary checks

Before doing anything complicated to fix the Acer monitor not turning on, you should do some basic troubleshooting. Below are the steps you need to take to do it.

  • Turn off the switch and attach the power cord to the wall to ensure the power strip is in correct condition.
  • Plugin using another power source.
  • Press and hold the power button for approximately 30 seconds to reset the power.
  • Unplug the monitor and press the battery pinhole to reset your monitor’s internal battery, if it has any.Perform preliminary checks

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Fix 2: Check your adaptor’s cables

Improperly connected cables can also be a reason your Acer monitor is not turning on. Thus, below is how to fix the cable connection issues.

  • Check and make sure that signal cables are properly connected.
  • Use some other device to check the signal cables to find whether the cables are at fault or not.
  • If the device used above also does not work, it is time for you to replace your current cable with a new one.

Fix 3: Restore the monitor to factory settings

Restoring the monitor’s original settings also helps fix the random bugs that may have caused the Acer monitor not working issue. Thus, you can take the following steps to restore the factory settings of your monitor.

  • Press and hold your monitor’s menu key.
  • Make a press on the right arrow till the reset feature appears (a big R with a right-pointing arrow).
  • Now, make two presses on the menu button to restore your monitor’s factory settings.

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Fix 4: Get the driver for your graphics card updated (Recommended)

Outdated graphics card drivers are a common culprit behind almost every issue, such as the Acer monitor turns on but shows no display. Therefore, updating the graphics driver is one of the most recommended solutions to the problems you are encountering.

You can get the updated driver for your graphics card through its manufacturer’s website, Device Manager, or much more conveniently using an automatic software like Bit Driver Updater.

We update drivers using Bit Driver Updater. This software gets all the needed updates automatically with a single mouse click. Moreover, it also lets us backup and restore drivers, accelerates the pace at which a driver downloads, schedules the computer scans, and performs a lot of other driver-related actions easily.

You can also try this wonderful tool by clicking on the below download and installation link.

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Once the software is installed, let it scan your device for two to three seconds. After it presents a list of drivers needing an update, Update All drivers.
Bit driver updater

If you feel it is more appropriate to update just the graphics driver, make use of the Update Now button.

However, experts always suggest performing updates of all the outdated drivers for the smooth functioning of the PC.

Above we learned the solutions to the issues because of which your Acer screen is not turning on. Now, let’s answer some questions related to this issue so that you have no lingering doubts or confusion.

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to all the questions that may come to your mind regarding the Acer monitor not turning on.

Q1. Why is my Acer monitor not working?

Your Acer monitor may not be turning on or displaying programs due to these reasons.

  • Out-of-date graphics driver
  • Power supply or electricity-related issues
  • Broken adapter or power cord
  • Problems with the hardware monitor

Q2. How do I reset my Acer monitor?

You can follow these directions to perform an Acer monitor reset.

  • Press the menu key for a few seconds.
  • Press the right arrow till the reset feature gets highlighted.
  • Make double presses on the menu key.

Q3. What do I do if my monitor isn’t displaying?

If your monitor is not working or isn’t displaying, you can apply the fixes shared above to drive the issue away. If time does not permit you to try every solution, you can implement the recommended fix (updating drivers via Bit Driver Updater) straightaway.

Q4. Why is my monitor a black screen?

You may face black screen issues because of the following reasons.

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Acer monitor not turning on: Fixed

This article shared how to fix the issues if your Acer monitor is not turning on or isn’t working properly. You can make use of the solutions given above to solve the problem.

If trying each fix seems too much work to do, you can directly use Bit Driver Updater to update problematic drivers.

To troubleshoot more such annoying problems, be a regular Innovana blog reader.

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