Read on to learn the best ways to fix the crashed Valorant graphics driver.

Valorant is among the most popular character-based 5v5 tactical shooter games involving the use of precise gunplay and adaptive teamwork.  It is quite an interesting game that millions of people love to play. However, some players failed to play the game as the Valorant graphics driver crashed.

Are you also one of those players who are troubled with Valorant graphics drivers crashing? If yes, you should read this article with complete attention to fix the problem.

Through this article, we share the tried and tested ways to fix the Valorant graphics driver crashed issue. Without taking much of your valuable time, let’s move straight to them.

Fixes for Valorant graphics driver crashed

Below are the solutions you can apply if the graphics driver crashed while playing Valorant.

Fix 1: Perform a graphics driver rollback

If the Valorant graphics driver crashed after updating the drivers, you might have downloaded a corrupted update. Therefore, you need to roll back the driver to its earlier version. Below is the step-by-step way to perform this task.

  • Search for and call up Device Manager.
    search for Device Manager
  • Select Display adapters to view them.
  • Execute a right-click on your graphics driver and select the option to see its Properties. Open graphics driver and select the its Properties
  • Navigate to the tab titled Driver and pick the Roll Back Driver option.
    Valorant Graphics Driver Crashed- Roll Back Nvidia Driver
  • Choose a reason for the rollback (you can pick any of the on-screen reasons).
    Valorant Graphics Driver Crashed- choose reason for rolling back
  • Click on the Yes button to start the rollback process.
  • After the rollback completes, restart your device.

Fix 2: Let DirectX update

DirectX is an application programming interface that manages multimedia activities on your computer. Using an outdated version of DirectX can also be a reason you are facing the Valorant graphics driver crashed issue. Therefore, you need to update DirectX to rectify it.

Fix 3: Execute a graphics driver update (Recommended)

Outdated graphics drivers are a common cause of issues like “Valorant “Your game requires a system restart to play and all other problems, including the Valorant graphics driver crashed issue.

Therefore, we suggest updating drivers to get rid of graphics drivers crashing and issues like Valorant Input Lags and FPS Drop Problem fixed.

You can perform the graphics driver update through the manufacturer’s website, Device Manager, or a smart program such as Bit Driver Updater.

Bit Driver Updater not only executes driver updates automatically with one click but also provides many other outstanding features. Some of these features include driver backup and restore, download speed acceleration for drivers, scheduling the scans, etc.

You can click on the link given below to know more about it.
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After getting Bit Driver Updater, here are the steps you need to follow to update graphics and other drivers.

  • Wait patiently for two to three seconds till the software completes the PC scan.
  • Update All out-of-date drivers to the most recent version for improved and error-free device performance.Valorant Graphics Driver Crashed- graphics driver update

If you do not want to update each driver, you can perform only the graphics driver update using the Update Now feature.

However, for smooth gaming and overall computer performance improvements, updating all drivers is a good idea.

Fix 4: Reset the software for your graphics card

Graphics card manufacturers like NVIDIA and AMD offer their software to manage the cards. If you are facing a Valorant graphics card crashing, resetting the software can help fix the issue. Thus, below is the way to do it for both NVIDIA and AMD.

Steps to reset NVIDIA graphics card software

  • Make a right-click on the desktop and choose NVIDIA’s graphics card software, i.e., NVIDIA Control Panel. NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Choose the option to Manage 3D Settings. 
  • Select the Restore Defaults option.
    manage 3D Settings- restore default

Steps to reset AMD graphics card software

  • Perform a right-click on the desktop and select AMD’s graphics card software, i.e., Catalyst Control Panel/VISION center
  • Choose the Preferences option.
    AMD catalyst control center
  • Select the option to Restore Factory Defaults. 

Fix 5: Do not overclock

Overclocking sometimes puts unnecessary pressure on the resources and becomes a reason for the crashed graphics driver on Valorant. Thus, it is better to avoid overclocking the processor to play the game without any issues.

Fix 6: Close all unrequired processes

Some background processes hog up the resources and run unnecessarily. Since Valorant needs sufficient resources to operate smoothly, it is better to close these unnecessary background tasks. Here is the way you can do it to fix the Valorant graphics driver crashed error.

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc to call up Task Manager.
  • Navigate to the Processes tab.
  • Select the processes you wish to close and choose End Task.
    Close all unrequired processes 

Fix 7: Disable VSync

VSync forces your game to use the maximum monitor refresh rate. And, it sometimes becomes a reason for crashed Valorant graphics drivers. Thus, you can turn off VSync to fix this issue and increase the FPS. Below are detailed instructions to do it.

  • Launch the game’s Settings. 
  • Choose Video. 
  • Turn off the VSync toggle.
    Disable VSync

Above, we shared ways to fix the Valorant graphics driver crashed problem. Now, let’s take a look at the answers to some related questions to solve the issue in a better way.

Frequently asked questions

Below we answer some questions related to the Valorant graphics driver crashing so that you can fix it easily.

Q1. Why does my graphics driver keep crashing?

There can be a lot of causes behind a crashed graphics driver when playing Valorant. Below are the most common ones.

  • Outdated graphics driver
  • Out-of-date DirectX
  • A corrupted graphics driver update
  • Overclocked processors
  • Resource hogging unnecessary background applications

Q2. How do I fix a crashed video driver?

You can use the fixes shared in this article to fix the Valorant crashed graphics driver. If you cannot implement all the solutions, we suggest performing a driver update with Bit Driver Updater to solve the issue easily.

Q3. How do you repair Valorant?

You can follow these steps to repair Valorant if the graphics driver crashed or you are facing other problems.

  • Download Valorant patch file.
  • Install the update and run the game.

Valorant graphics driver crashed issue fixed

Through this article, we learned ways to fix the Valorant graphics card crashing. You can employ the fixes shared above to solve the problem.

If applying all the fixes seems cumbersome, you can use the most recommended solution, i.e., driver updates with Bit Driver Updater.

For more information on how to fix various gaming and other errors, be sure to check Innovana Tech Blog daily.

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