Download HP ENVY 4520 printer driver update and install it to avoid annoying printing issues. This article shares how to do it quickly and easily.

HP ENVY 4520 is among the most cost-effective yet fantabulous wireless printers. This all-in-one printer can take care of all your printing needs easily. However, you may encounter annoying problems without the appropriate and up-to-date HP ENVY 4520 printer driver.

The driver is a connecting bridge between your printer and computer. It transfers and translates your instructions to the PC in the language it knows, i.e., binary codes.

If there is no HP ENVY 4520 driver downloaded, issues like the printer not printing may cross your path.

Therefore, to save you from such annoying glitches, we are here with the best methods to perform free HP ENVY 4520 software download, installation, and update.

Without further ado, let’s begin with them.

How to Download and Update HP ENVY 4520 Printer Driver

Following are the methods you can implement to download the HP ENVY 4520 printer driver, install, and update it.

Method 1: Use automatic software to download HP ENVY 4520 printer driver update (Recommended)

There are multiple ways to download, install, and update the HP ENVY 4520 printer driver. You can perform the task manually or automatically. Before discussing the manual methods that are not beginner-friendly and consume a considerable amount of time, we would like to begin with the easiest way to get the updated drivers.

You can download and install the driver updates with minimum effort using a program like Bit Driver Updater.

Bit Driver Updater performs single-click automatic driver updates. Moreover, it also provides a lot of beneficial features, such as the ability to backup drivers and restore them, executes scheduled driver scans, increases the driver download pace, and a lot more.

You can experience this one of the best driver updaters by clicking the below link to download and install the software.

download now button

Once you have completed the software installation, wait (for just a couple of seconds) to get the outdated drivers’ list. After the outdated drivers appear, Update All to the most compatible and well-performing version automatically.
Bit Driver Updater- HP ENVY 4520 Printer Driver update

If you find it better to update just the HP ENVY 4520 printer driver, select Update Now.

However, in the opinion of experts, you should update all drivers to get the smoothest computer performance.

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Method 2: Get the HP ENVY 4520 printer driver from Device Manager

Device Manager is an in-house tool of Windows to carry out driver downloads, installations, and updates. Below are the directions to use the Device Manager to download the HP ENVY 4520 printer driver update and install the same.

  • Right-click on the Windows icon and pick Device Manager from the menu available on your screen.
    Right cllick on windows icon and Open Device manager
  • Click doubly on the segment titled Printers or Print queues.
    Click on Printer and Print Queues
  • Right-click the HP ENVY 4520 printer and Update driver.
    Update driver to update hp envy driver
  • Search automatically for updated driver software.
    Search automatically for updated driver software in windows 10
  • After searching for the required drivers, restart the computer to install them.

Method 3: Update your OS to the latest version

Carrying out operating system updates is also one of the ways to fix common Windows issues and download the required drivers. However, if the release of driver update was only a few moments back, Windows may be unable to find and install it. Still, you can follow the below steps to test your luck.

  • Apply the shortcut command Windows+I to call up the Settings menu.
  • Choose Update & Security from the panel visible on your screen.
    Update and security
  • Check for updates.
    Check for Windows Updates
  • Once you get the update recommendation, download and install the updates.
  • Allow your PC to reboot.

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Method 4: Download the driver update and install it via HP’s website

The website of HP is also among one of the most reliable sources to fetch the needed HP ENVY 4520 printer drivers. Below are the directions you need to follow to get the driver update downloaded from there.

  • Head to HP’s website.
  • Let the mouse pointer float on the Support tab.
  • Pick Software & drivers from the menu that descends.
    Download the Driver From HP’s Official Support Website
  • Select Printer.
    Download HP Printer Driver from HP Support Website- printer
  • Input HP ENVY 4520 in the “Enter your product name” box and select Submit.
    Input HP ENVY 4520
  • Select Download to get the executable file of the required driver.
    Downlooad HP ENVY 4520 driver
  • Click doubly on the executable file you downloaded in the above step.
  • Comply with the on-screen instructions to install the downloaded HP ENVY 4520 printer driver.

Method 5: Use Microsoft Update Catalog

You can also download the needed driver updates for your HP ENVY 4520 printer via Microsoft Update Catalog. Here are the instructions to do it.

  • Navigate to the Update Catalog of Microsoft.
  • Input HP ENVY 4520 printer driver in the search box and press the Enter key.
    Input HP ENVY 4520 printer driver
  • Download the driver’s file.
    Input HP ENVY 4520 printer driver download
  • Click on the link to begin downloading the driver’s executable file.
  • Click doubly on the downloaded file to complete the driver’s installation.

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Updated HP ENVY 4520 printer driver downloaded

Above was how you can download the HP ENVY 4520 printer driver update and get it installed. You can execute this task using any of the methods shared in this article.

However, we suggest downloading the driver update and installing it automatically through Bit Driver Updater for the betterment of your computer.

If you know other easy ways to download driver updates, share the same via the comments section.

We will be back soon with another useful guide. Until then, you can read other articles on our blog.

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