Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. – Mahatma Gandhi. 

Jaipur, India, Oct 3rd, 2019. Among all the plausible ways to tribute the great soul, Innovana Thinklabs Ltd picks a ‘tech tribute’ by developing and designing a very special website dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary. 

The company dedicated its resources and manpower to developing the website www.gandhi150.rajasthan.gov.in in a way that it spreads the words of ‘Bapu’ amongst the people of the nation. The website comprises multiple segments consisting of some of the rarest photos & videos depicting his struggle in the fight for freedom, his hand-written quotes sharing his ideologies, and works of literature on and from ‘Bapu’. 

It appears to me that there couldn’t have been a better tribute to ‘Bapu’ than developing a devoted website in his name. Since I believe in his ideology, I had been wanting to do something in a passage that could fill my desire to furnishing duty towards the society.” said Mr. Chandan Garg, CEO, Innovana Thinklabs Limited.

The government appreciates and recognizes Innovana Thinklabs Limited for their selfless act towards the nation. On Oct 3rd, 2019, Mr. Chandan Garg, CEO, and Mr. Abhinav Gupta, CTO, handed-over the controls of the website to the concerned authority.

Watch the complete Gandhi Saptah event on Govt. of Rajasthan’s Bioscope Portal at http://www.bioscope.rajasthan.gov.in/EventDetails?id=733

It wasn’t easy to build a website that could be devoted to ‘the father of the nation’. The pressure of perfection was high as the whole state was going to get benefitted from the project. It was a moment of great honor and pride while we were delivering the website to the government of Rajasthan.” said Mr. Abhinav Gupta, Chief Technical Officer, Innovana Thinklabs Limited.

The website offers its users to get registered by providing their valid mobile number and email address. On becoming a registered user, you’re allowed to create multiple events as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. These events would be visible to other users for their participation.

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