Canon is a world-famous name for cameras, document scanners, and other imaging devices. One of the most used Canon scanner is Canon DR-C225. It offers a combination of innovative design and futuristic features, which is quite rare. However, if you want to use the device on your PC, then you must require to install the correct Canon DR-C225 driver as after all, it is also a USB peripheral.

But sometimes, due to lack of proper knowledge, users may end up having the wrong driver for their Canon DR-C225 or improperly installing the driver. These things may cause a lot of issues on your PC that can hamper the performance of your system and the functionality of the document scanner as well. Hence, it becomes quite essential to resolve Canon DR-C225 driver issues as soon as possible. But, do not panic as we have brought multiple ways through which you can fix these issues. So, let’s check them out and resolve the driver problems for your Canon DR-C225 document scanner.

Best and Recommended Fix for Canon DR-C225 Driver Issues on Windows

The best way to fix all the problems faced by the Canon DR-C225 driver is by using Bit Driver Updater. You may already know that outdated drivers are the root cause of problems amongst different kinds of devices. Bit driver Updater can help you in solving such issues by providing the latest updates for different system and third-party devices. Download the Bit Driver Updater from the link below.

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Methods to Resolve Canon DR-C225 Driver Issues

One can efficiently resolve Canon DR-C225 driver issues by downloading, installing, and updating the driver. Below are the ways through which you can download & install the correct driver updates for your Canon DR-C225 scanner properly on your Windows PC.

Download Canon DR-C225 Driver from Canon Support

Every big organization or manufacturer tries to satisfy its users and consumers to the fullest level. That’s why they provide support for their products. Canon is also a big name in the industry of imaging and optical devices. Hence, the manufacturer provides complete support for its hardware.

There is a particular support page of Canon where users can find appropriate software and drivers for their devices and OS. Here is how you can download Canon DR-C225 driver from Canon’s official support page.

  • Go to the Canon’s Official Webpage.
  • Then click the Support tab.
  • After that, choose Software & Drivers.
    select software & drivers from canon website
  • Then enter Canon DR-C225 in the text box and select the imageFORMULA DR-C225 Office Document Scanner.
    enter Canon DR-C225 in the text box
  • Now, choose Drivers & Downloads.
  • Select the operating system for which you want a driver.
  • Choose the appropriate driver for your Canon DR-C225 scanner and click on Select.
  • Now go to the Download button and click on it to download the latest Canon DR-C225 driver update on your Windows PC.
    download the latest Canon DR-C225 driver
  • You’ll get a compressed (zipped) folder. Extract it.
    Extract Canon Dr-C225 Driver downloaded file
  • Go to the extracted folder and run the installer file to install the Canon DR-C225 driver on your PC. Once you run it, you have to follow the instructions provided by the program to install the driver.

Download & Install Canon Dr-C225 Driver Update via Windows Update

Another great method to resolve the driver issues of your Canon DR-C225 document scanner is download and installing its driver update via Windows Update. Yes, you can also use this default utility of Windows for this purpose, along with updating the operating system. Here is what you have to do to update the Canon DR-C225 driver by using the Windows Update.

  • Use your mouse and move the cursor to the Windows Start icon.
  • Right-click on it.
  • You’ll see a menu having lots of options, choose Settings from it.
    click on settings
  • In Windows Settings again, you’ll see lots of options, choose Updates & Security.
    update & security from windows setting
  • Now, under Update & Security, choose Windows Update.
  • After that, here is the final step of this method. You have to click on the Check for updates tab.
    Check for the available updates-2

Now leave everything else on the Windows. The system will find and download the appropriate drivers for your hardware devices by itself. You just have to monitor the process and perform the instructions given by the system to download and install the latest Canon DR-C225 driver update on your computer.

Update Canon Dr-C225 Driver Using Windows Device Manager

It is one of the most helpful ways to download the latest version of hardware drivers on Windows PC. The operating system provides a default program, i.e., Windows Device Manager,  to deal with almost all the device and their respective driver issues. Hence, one can also fix the Canon DR-C225 driver issues by updating it via Device Manager. Here are the steps that he/she has to follow.

  • Search and open the Device Manager by using the Windows Search box.
    type device manager in windows search box
  • In the Device Manager, expand the ‘Print Queues’ or ‘Printers’ category.
  • Select the DR-C225 document scanner of Canon and right-click on it.
  • Now choose the Update driver option from the context menu.
  • After that, let the Windows search automatically for updated driver software for the Canon document scanner device.
    Search automatically for updated driver software

Now, sit and monitor the Windows while the operating system downloads an update for your Canon DR-C225 driver.

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Resolve Canon DR-C225 Driver Issues via Bit Driver Updater

Now, as you have seen several ways to resolve the driver issues for the Canon DR-C225 document scanner, you might be looking for a method that is effective and fast as well. If yes, then here is the best method. It is using the Bit Driver Updater, a third-party software to repair problems of hardware drivers on Windows PC. The reason why we are considering it as the best lies within the shortcomings of the above methods.

It requires you to invest a lot of time and effort in downloading, updating, and installing the Canon DR-C225 driver from Canon’s official website. After that, we have discussed using the Windows Update, which is not that effective method to download the appropriate driver update. And then, we have listed the method to update the Canon document scanner driver via Device Manager, which may seem quite complex to you if you are not a tech geek. But, if you use Bit Driver Updater, then you’ll not face any of these problems. It is fast, effective, and effortless.

The software provides one-click functionality for almost all the features that it offers. You also get lots of advanced features in the premium version of the tool. It is one of those rare driver updater programs that lets the users to create and restore backup of their device drivers. If you want to know more about it, then you can refer to the blog in which we have reviewed Bit Driver Updater. However, if you are in a hurry to try the software and update your PC drivers, then here we have provided the download button and a short guide to use the program after downloading.

download now button

  1. After clicking on the above download button and downloading the Bit Driver Updater setup file, run it and install the program.
  2. Once you complete the installation, launch it.
  3. Click Scan Drivers after launching the program and start the scan for faulty drivers.
    Click On The Bit Driver Updater Update All Button
  4. Look for the Canon DR-C225 driver in the list and click the Update Now tab.


So, this is how one can get rid of the Canon DR-C225 driver issues on Windows PC. All the methods that we have provided to download, install, and update driver for your Canon document scanner are tested. Hence, you can try any of them you find suitable. However, it is our recommendation to use Bit Driver Updater to repair hardware drivers on Windows PC. It provides one of the fastest and most effortless driver updating experience.

Furthermore, if you know some other ways to fix the Canon DR-C225 driver issues, then enlighten us with them. Below is the comments section that you can use to share your information regarding the topic.

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