Here we have 7 Best free Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder alternatives that can be the perfect replacement for the tool. Read on to know more about them.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is a pretty popular and handy tool to clean duplicates on Windows PC. The deduplication utility stands up to its name and offers several impressive features to clean dupes. It even finds out the morphed duplicates. However, it also has its share of cons. And due to which many of its users do not find the tool that awesome. For them, here we have brought a list of some best free Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder alternatives.

To specify the need for this post, first of all, let’s know about the cons of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder that some of its users find unbearable.

Intolerable Cons Of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Below are the cons of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder that some of its users find intolerable and look for some of its competent alternatives.

  • The installation of this duplicate image finder and remover tool is pretty slow. It disappoints many of its users who want a snappy solution to get rid of similar photos.
  • It restricts you from selecting & deleting multiple duplicates. Hence, the only option left to remove duplicates is to delete them one by one, which is a time-killing task as well.
  • There are plenty of other competent options available in the market offering way more and extensive features than Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder.
  • The functionality is also pretty manual, or we can say semi-automatic. It does not allow the users to find and remove the duplicate image with a single click.
  • The tool supports quite limited image formats. It is another prominent reason why one should look for some best free alternatives to Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder for Windows

Now, after specifying the motive for looking for an appropriate alternative for this duplicate photo cleaning tool, let’s check out the list.

7 Best Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder Alternatives In 2021

Below is the handpicked list of some best free and paid alternatives to the Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder app in 2021.

1. Quick Photo Finder

 Price: $49.95

Free Version: Available

Rating: 4.9/5

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, & 7

Whenever we start thinking of the best PC programs to find and clean duplicate images, Quick Photo Finder is the first name that comes to mind. Hence, it is not wrong to consider it among some suitable free alternatives to Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder for Windows. Below are the features of the tool that justifies our description for it.

Notable Features Of Quick Photo Finder:

  • The tool presents the detected duplicates in an organized way to help you delete them with ease.
  • You can perform diverse duplicate scans using a variety of filters offered.
  • Its algorithm is quite keen and hence, quickly identifies visual similarity of images.
  • If you are still cleaning dupes manually and dreaming of one-click duplicate photo removal, then you might find this tool as the best Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder alternative.
  • Users of Quick Photo Finder get 24×7 support.
  • It claims to clear a hefty amount of your storage space and increase it up to 92%.
  • The drag and drop option helps users to add folders and images easily for the duplicate photo scan.
  • You also get several tutorial videos to get familiar with the tools and functionality offered by Quick Photo Finder.

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Quick Duplicate Finder

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2. Easy Duplicate Finder 

Price: $59.95

Free Version: Available

Rating: 4.2/5

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, & XP | macOS

Now, let’s discuss the duplicate remover utility that can easily replace Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. Easy Duplicate Finder has a lot to offer along with its popular easy to use interface. It detects all kinds of duplicates, including audios files, videos, images, etc. Hence, the tool helps to regain a massive storage space. Below are some more reasons why this program is an ideal alternative to Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder.

Prominent Feature Of Easy Duplicate Finder:

  • You get several options to scan and search for duplicates.
  • Along with regaining space on your HDD, the tool also helps you free up the SDD and cloud storage.
  • It allows the users to preview the detected dupes before performing any action.
  • There is also a file exclusion option to exclude files from the scan.
  • Do not worry if you recently removed a file accidentally. It offers a feature to undo your file removal action.

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easyduplicate finder

3. WebMinds Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Price: $49.95

Free Version: Available

Rating: 4.1/5

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, & XP | macOS 10.6 – macOS 10.14

WebMinds Duplicate Photo Cleaner is another comprehensive deduplication tool on this list. It can even find and delete the dupes from Adobe Lightroom. The program also detects the image similarity based on their content. Here we discuss some of its other laudable features. You can also consider them as the reasons why this tool is among the best free alternatives to Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder for Windows PCs in 2021.

Laudable Features Of WebMinds Duplicate Photo Cleaner:

  • It allows to perform duplicate picture scans based on a specific photo element.
  • You can compare dupes. It also helps to manage and merge the folders consisting of duplicates.
  • There is an option to delete similar images from Adobe Lightroom as well.
  • Drag & drop functionality also makes the UI more simple and user-friendly.
  • Apart from Windows PC, you can use it on your other devices as well.

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WebMinds Duplicate Photo Cleaner

4. VisiPics

Price: Free

Rating: 4.0/5

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, & 2000

VisiPics is an old, free, and reliable tool to clear duplicate images on Windows PC. Comparing it with Awesome Duplicate Finder is pretty easy. Both of them are free and offer quite identical features. However, VisiPics does not have any cons that the other possesses. This makes it one of the best Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder alternatives. Let’s check what exactly the tool offers to its users in detail.

Prominent Features Of VisiPics:

  • The tool comes with 5 Filters for a comprehensive duplicate scan.
  • You can compare dupes and similar images with Strict, Basic, and Lose modes.
  • It also allows you to save project settings during a duplicate removal session.
  • There are also option to start, stop, or pause the image deduplication.
  • VisiPics offers live scanning results.

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5. Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Price: $29.95

Free Version: Free Trial

Rating: 4.4/5

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, & Vista

Here comes the pro in dealing with duplicates on Windows PC. Duplicate Cleaner Pro not just only identifies dupes in a folder but can even detect them in a compressed Zip file as well. It also helps users searching for morphed duplicates. But what makes it a competent alternative to Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder? The answer is its features. Here we discuss all of them.

Helpful Features Of Duplicate Cleaner Pro:

  • There are multiple search filters to perform duplicate searches based on groups and files.
  • It also has an auto-select feature.
  • For more accurate results, the tool compares duplicates based on the content.
  • It allows to save the dupe searches as well.
  • Duplicate Cleaner Pro even has an option to exclude files from getting scanned for deduplication.

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Duplicate Cleaner Pro

7. PictureEcho

Price: Free

Rating: 4.1/5

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, & 7

Are you looking for some best alternatives to the Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder app for free? PictureEcho seems to be a good solution for you. It is an entirely free duplicate photo finder and remover with a bunch of advanced features. The tool even offers a choice to delete the dupes completely or move them to a different location. Below are its other helpful features.

Salient Features Of PictureEcho:

  • Designers and graphics creators can use the tool to remove duplicates even from the Adobe Lightroom catalog.
  • It offers 4 similarity levels to compare photos on your PC.
  • It helps to find and remove the morphed dupes as well.
  • You can preview images before proceeding with an action.
  • It also has an automatic selection tool.

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8. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, & 7

Auslogics holds a reputation for developing several helpful utilities for Windows PCs. One of them is its Duplicate File Finder. Some of you might be thinking, why should we trust and rely on the Auslogics tool to clean dupe from our storage. We have two answers for you. The first is, Microsoft backs this program, and the other is, it is entirely free. Let’s check out several other reasons as well that make it one of the reliable and best Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder alternatives.

Striking Features Of Auslogics Duplicate File Finder:

  • It comes with an option to recover the photos that got deleted by mistake.
  • You can decide the specific file type to perform a duplicate scan.
  • It also helps to get rid of other dupes, including videos, songs, etc.
  • The algorithm is pretty advanced, and Microsoft also backs it.
  • You get regular software updates to avoid bugs and other issues.

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Choosing The Best Among The Alternatives To Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

So, these were our suggestions for you if you are looking for some reliable alternatives to Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. All of them have robust capabilities of cleaning dupes from your PC. However, you might still be confused about selecting one of them as the best. Do not worry. Try Quick Photo Finder. In our opinion, it is the best Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder alternative available in 2021.

You can also let us know your pick for the top Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder alternative in the comments. And if you found this post helpful, then subscribe to Innovana blog to know more about cleaning dupes.

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