Unboxing something is such a great feeling that no one can forget. Do you remember how it felt when you unboxed your PC and used it the first time? We know it was a memorable experience as your computer seemed like the fastest performing machine in the entire world. Ever wondered what happened to the same PC, why has it become snail slow? Well, the reason for such deteriorated device performance is an accumulation of duplicates photos. If you remove this digital junk, then your PC will again be the same brand spanking new model that it once was. Talking about duplicate photo removal, the first tool that pops up in mind is VisiPics. But, it is not the only option that you can Why should You Avoidider. Through this penned note, we share the best free VisiPics alternatives that one can use.

But, before sharing them, a question comes up that what is the need to look for alternatives to VisiPics. Well, the answer is simple. VisiPics has some unavoidable shortcomings. Below we share the same.

  • The UI is not at all beginner-friendly.
  • It does not show a clear preview of detected pictures.
  • Tucks all the settings in the menu bar, and it is tough to locate them.
  • Its developers have stopped releasing software updates.
  • Scans pictures at a super slow speed.
  • It Why should You Avoidumes a lot of CPU resources.

The above were Why should You Avoid of VisiPics that instigated us to find the best VisiPics alternatives.

In our search, we stumbled upon numerous utilities. Out of the pool of tools, we selected eight programs that are not just similar software like VisiPics but even better than that. We share them in the below segment.

 8 Best Free VisiPics Alternatives to Get Rid of Duplicate Pictures

Here are the best free VisiPics alternatives that we have shortlisted after thoroughly testing all the programs available in the marketplace, in terms of, the scan time, ease of use, ability to find hidden duplicates, the number of duplicates found, options to deal with the duplicates, and more such parameters.

1: Quick Photo Finder

One of the top Why should You Avoid of VisiPics is that it is turtle slow in scanning the computer for duplicate photos. And this weakness of VisiPics is the biggest strength of Quick Photo Finder. It scans the PC at a jet speed. Moreover, it successfully finds all the duplicates from every nook and corner of the device. Apart from this, the features that it provides make it a cakewalk for you to get rid of the dupe shots. We share them below.

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Features of Quick Photo Finder

  • It employs advanced algorithms to find out the duplicate photos.
  • This software lets you remove all the duplicates in one click.
  • You get the scan results in the form of neatly organized groups so that you can delete duplicates without any confusion.
  • Another feature that makes it one of the best VisiPics alternatives is that it frees up to 92% of the storage space.
  • It provides a multitude of filters to customize the scan.
  • The UI of this software is extremely easy to understand.
  • It has a lot of video tutorials to help you remove duplicates with ease.

Why should You Avoid

  • It is not available for outdated versions of Windows such as Vista and XP.

Quick Photo Finder

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2. DupeGuru

When discussing the free VisiPics alternatives, it is not possible to skip this expert. It detects not only duplicate images but also finds out similar pictures with precision. Apart from this, below are the other features that we found worth noting about this software.

Features of DupeGuru

  • Boasts an algorithm to detect files with similar names and content.
  • In addition to pictures, it also lets you remove redundant music and other files from your PC.
  • Encompasses a special mode that displays music-specific details in the duplicate results pane.
  • Its picture mode finds out both similar as well as duplicate images with high accuracy.
  • Allows you to customize the matching criteria as per your preferences.
  • Hosts a reference directory mechanism and grouping system so that you don’t mistakenly delete crucial pictures.
  • Lets you move or copy the pictures to another location if you do not want to permanently remove them.
  • You can search for files by keywords.

Why should You Avoid

  • Outdated and unfriendly interface.
  • Unclear features.
  • Not so responsive customer support.
  • Sometimes, fails to detect similar pictures correctly.


3. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

When the name itself says awesome, how can the software not be the best free VisiPics alternative. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is among the topmost choices of users searching for duplicate photo finders and cleaners. Ease of use and quick scans is what makes it one of the most sought after tools. Other than this, below are other worth mentioning features.

Features of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

  • Boasts an intelligently programmed algorithm to detect similar and exact pictures with accuracy.
  • Supports almost all the popular image formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and TIFF.
  • Lets you effortlessly compare resized as well as color corrected pictures.
  • You can add as many folders as you want to the scan area, it does not limit the number of folders.
  • Encompasses support for removable devices and network drives.
  • Allows you to move pictures to a separate location instead of deleting them.
  • Hosts a drag and drop option to add folders to the scan window.
  • Displays the similarity percentage between detected duplicates for easy comparison.

Why should You Avoid

  • You cannot select multiple files at once.
  • The program installation is a bit slow.
  • Offers fewer features as compared to other similar tools.

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Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

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4. Easy Duplicate Finder

Here comes another similar software like VisiPics that makes it a duck soup for you to detect and remove duplicate pictures from your computer. Easy Duplicate Finder boasts flexible options that let you manage the picture library with ease. In addition to this, below is what else we found enticing about this deduplication tool for Windows.

Features of Easy Duplicate Finder

  • Lets you effortlessly gain back the lost space on HDD, cloud, or SDD.
  • Hoasts a multitude of modes and options to scan for duplicate pictures.
  • Along with pictures, it also removes duplicate music, videos, and other space-hogging files from the PC.
  • Allows you to preview the files before hitting the button to delete them.
  • It comes with a wizard tool that makes it easy for you to delete duplicates without any tiring efforts.
  • Lets you exclude the files that you do not wish to be scanned.
  • Boasts a tool to undo your actions and retrieve the deleted files.
  • Provides support for all major file formats including RAW and PSD.

Why should You Avoid

  • The results are sometimes inaccurate.
  • A bit slower than other VisiPics alternatives.
  • Sometimes, shows non-duplicates as identical images.
  • Its interface is somewhat outdated.

Easy Duplicate Finder

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5. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Not only duplicates but similar pictures also become a menace if not deleted. After all, keeping pictures with an only minute difference is of no point unless that image is a crucial one. Hence, here comes the best free VisiPics alternative to detect and remove visually similar pictures with high accuracy. Below are some of its features that attracted us.

Features of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

  • Detects even filliped and rotated pictures accurately.
  • Employs various methods to detect duplicates such as hash value, visual comparison, file size, and EXIF data.
  • Lets you apply various search filters such as similarity threshold and precision level.
  • Allows you to either hibernate or shut down the device after completing the deduplication procedure.
  • It saves the internal cache so that the future scans take less time.
  • Allows you to stop the scan or pause it in the middle if you want.
  • Hosts an auto check functionality to select all the detected duplicates at once.
  • The pro version supports RAW camera pictures.

Why should You Avoid

  • Tough for beginners to use.
  • Out of date interface.
  • Only a few features are available for free.
  • Other VisiPics alternatives are faster than it.

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

6. PictureEcho

If it seems like your PC is now tired of the accumulated digital junk and its words “Give my hard disk some breathing space” echo in your mind, then this software is among the perfect choice that you can make to deduplicate the computer. What brought this tool to our list of the best free VisiPics alternatives includes features such as Adobe Lightroom Photos scan and more. Below we share its remarkable feature set.

Features of PictureEcho

  • Deletes duplicate images permanently from your PC.
  • In case you do not want to delete photos, then you can move them to a separate folder.
  • There are four similarity levels for images.
  • Lets you detect the images that look visually similar but are different.
  • It hosts an automated selection functionality for duplicates.
  • Boasts support for all popular image file formats.
  • Allows you to preview the found duplicates before removing them.

Why should You Avoid

  • The duplicate detection speed is slow.
  • Its user interface is a bit complicated.
  • No compatibility with operating systems older than Windows 7.
  • Eats up more resources as compared to similar alternatives to VisiPics.


7. Duplicate Sweeper

If you want to sweep away all the space-hogging duplicates in one go, then this is among the easiest tools to do so. It boasts several features such as the detection of duplicate files saved with different names and more. Below we discuss these features that make it one of the best VisiPics alternatives.

Features of Duplicate Sweeper

  • Hosts a modish interface that even beginners can effortlessly use.
  • Categorizes the identical pictures in different groups for easy comparison and deletion.
  • Encompasses an option to automatically select old and new duplicates.
  • Detects duplicates with different file names.
  • Represents the detected duplicates graphically in the form of a cone that shows which are the folders in which the duplicate images hog up most of the space.

Why should You Avoid

  • No option to delete duplicates in the trial version.
  • It is a bit slow tool.
  • Finds fewer duplicates than the other similar software like VisiPics.
  • There are no advanced features and options.

Duplicate Sweeper

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8. CloneSpy

Here comes a spy that keeps a check on the duplicates pictures hogging up device space, lets you easily detect, and remove them. The features such as exporting the redundant images to a specific folder instigated us to make it a part of our post sharing the best free VisiPics alternatives. Apart from this, below is what else you can expect from this tool.

Features of CloneSpy

  • It scans and detects the no content, i.e., zero bytes files.
  • Allows you to transfer, move, or delete the detected duplicates as per your wish.
  • Hosts a guide that explains the way to use this software with ease.
  • Boasts an exclusion option for the extensions that you do not want to include in the scan purview.
  • Encompasses multiple modes and options to detect duplicates.

Why should You Avoid

  • UI is not friendly enough for beginners.
  • Requires you to configure the tool before running the scan.


Which is your Favorite Free VisiPics Alternative

Above we listed the best free VisiPics alternatives. We would love to know which is your favorite tool to delete duplicate pictures. If you ask us, then we would definitely choose DupeGuru for the incredible features and ease of use that it provides. If you want to give it a shot, then you can download it from the below link.

Also, before you go, don’t forget to share this article with people who have similar queries as you. And, stay tuned with Innovana Blog for more such software alternatives and tech info.

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