Mac is the device that is known for its sturdy design and top-notch performance. It is, no doubt, a dream device for every computer user. But, even the perfect gadgets need a bit of optimization now and then to deliver the performance that you expect from it. And, in the case of Mac, optimization becomes inevitable to free up the storage space and boost the way it performs. Since Mac lacks in-built optimization features, you need third-party software to do the needful. Talking about the Mac optimization programs, two utilities, i.e., CleanMyMac and CCleaner, put users in a dilemma, and it becomes tough to choose one of them. Hence, this article focuses on CleanMyMac VS CCleaner so that you can decide which is the best Mac optimizer for you. 

Here, we will have a detailed analysis and comparison of both of these programs so that you can make the correct choice. Let’s begin by having a brief introduction of these programs, and after that, we will have a closer look at the features of both of them.

Part I: What are CleanMyMac and CCleaner?


System Requirements: macOS 10.10 and higher

Price: $90

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

CleanMyMac from MacPaw is one of the best Mac cleaners and optimizers present in the marketplace at present. It is a utility that blends various cleaning, optimization, and security features to give you the ultimate Mac performance that you have always wanted. 


System Requirements: OS X 10.8 to 10.14 Mojave

Price: $24.95

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

CCleaner is quite a popular software among users for cleaning and optimizing their Mac machines. It comprises of several features to keep your device free from all types of clutter, faster, and safer. 

Part II: CleanMyMac VS CCleaner: The Feature Analysis

CleanMyMac and CCleaner both are the big players in the domain of Mac optimization. Both of these utilities have a unique set of features. Thus, for deciding which tool wins the Mac CCleaner VS CleanMyMac fight, let’s analyze the features of both of these programs. 

Cleaning Capabilities

Let’s begin with the reason we need these programs in the first place, i.e., to remove accumulated clutter from our Macs. Both of these utilities offer a bunch of tools to keep the Mac clutter-free. Here, we discuss them. 

  • CleanMyMac

As claimed by the developers, this software makes your Mac as good as new. It possesses a myriad of features that make it a tough to beat contender in the race of the top Mac cleaners. CleanMyMac scans every nook and crannies of your device to detect the junk files that need to be removed. It cleans the unneeded system folders, iTunes, photos, emails, browsing traces, and even the large files in a single click.

In addition to this, it cleans every trash bin that exists on your computer and extra versions of a file. Furthermore, it shreds your files while cleaning them so that no one can make inappropriate use of the files, and your privacy remains unharmed. Moreover, it also cleans browsing details to keep your private information secured.

  • CCleaner 

CCleaner is a well-known name in the world of Windows. But, when it comes to Mac, not many people know that there is an equally amazing version of CCleaner for Mac. It performs a thorough device scan and cleans unneeded files, web browser settings, unrequired applications that you do not use, and the unnecessary OS X features. Moreover, it also boasts the ability to permanently remove the remnants of deleted applications and files from the hard drive of your Mac.

Furthermore, CCleaner for Mac lets you effortlessly uninstall the application that you do not want to keep on your device. All that you have to do is go to the uninstallation pane, select the application that you wish to remove, and click on the Uninstall button. In addition to uninstalling the applications, it also deletes the configuration files of the apps, app logs, and cache.

If there are some files and folders that you do not want to be cleaned, then CCleaner lets you exclude them from the cleaning process. In case you want to exclude the file of only a particular type or format, then doing it is also possible with this software. 

Optimization Powers

When it comes to optimizing the Mac performance, several users think that the in-built Mac optimizer is more than enough for their optimization requirements. But, the same is not true. It is no doubt that the built-in optimizer is a great feature addition made by Apple, but when the talk is about advanced optimization tasks it lags behind third-party applications, such as CleanMyMac and CCleaner.

  • CleanMyMac

Several factors, such as unnecessary login items, make the Mac slower. Therefore, CleanMyMac removes broken or hidden login items, switches off memory-demanding apps, performs under-the-hood optimization tasks like system library rearrangement, and trims down the hidden launch agents, i.e., the small launch applications that run in the background without you knowing about them. 

Moreover, it also lets you manage the applications present on your device with ease. Through this software, you can safely uninstall unwanted apps, reset the buggy apps, and keep the apps updated

  • CCleaner

If you have too many startup programs that make the Mac slow, then CCleaner for Mac gives you an option to stop the applications from starting automatically. And, if you do not want to stop the automatic app start, then you can even hide the application so that it won’t be visible in the Dock.

With every update, new features are added to your Mac. Therefore, CCleaner keeps a regular check on updates so that you update the OS on time and enjoy all the new features that make your device even more accurate and fast.

Above, we had an in-depth analysis of the features of both CleanMyMac and CCleaner. After analyzing the features, below is the comparison of these utilities in a tabulated form for better understanding.

CleanMyMac VS CCleaner: Feature Comparison

Large & Old File Cleaning Browser Cleanup Uninstaller Startup Item Removal Photo Cleanup System Cleanup Custom Folder Cleaning System Cleanup Custom Folder Cleaning
CCleaner No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
CleanMyMac Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No

Now, let’s discuss why these programs should be bought or avoided.

Mac CCleaner VS CleanMyMac: Comparing the Reasons to Buy and Avoid

Mac CCleaner

Why buy CCleaner

Below are the reasons for which you should give CCleaner a shot. 

  • Wipes away the unused free disk space. 
  • Boasts a clean and easy to understand interface. 
  • Encompasses privacy-protection tools. 
  • Boosts the device speed.
  • Removes junk in a jiffy. 
  • Generates a cookie list for a selective wipeout. 

Why avoid CCleaner

Below is what makes CCleaner a not so good choice. 

  • No effective cleaning for old and large files. 
  • Limited maintenance options. 


Why buy CleanMyMac

Here we have enlisted the reasons to give CleanMyMac a try. 

  • Scans the device for junk files in the blink of an eye. 
  • Frees up ample disk space to store your crucial data. 
  • Boasts a plethora of maintenance options. 
  • UI is aesthetically designed. 
  • Hosts additional features such as Time Machine Thinning, updater, and app reset. 
  • Wipes out DNS caches. 
  • Monitors health of the battery and CPU usage.

Why avoid CleanMyMac

Below is why CleanMyMac may not be the perfect fit for your needs.

  • The settings are a bit confusing for beginners. 
  • Its trial version comes with a 500 MB limitation. 
  • Costly as compared to similar software. 
  • Hosts a few unnecessary tools.

CleanMyMac VS CCleaner: The Winner

In this article, we thoroughly compared CleanMyMac and CCleaner with each other. Now, after analyzing the features, pros, and cons of these utilities, and considering your requirements, you can effortlessly decide which utility wins the CleanMyMac VS CCleaner battle. We hope that you liked our post. We will return soon with another product comparison, tech solutions, and other updates. 

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