Download and install the DisplayLink driver update to avoid annoying problems when using multiple displays. This article acquaints you with quick and easy ways to do it.

Nowadays, a multi-monitor setup has become a common phenomenon to increase productivity and multitasking on a computer. Users generally use Synaptics DisplayLink products for this purpose. However, multiple monitors may not function properly on Windows 10 if you don’t have an updated DisplayLink driver downloaded and installed on your device.

The driver acts as an intermediary between your computer and the DisplayLink USB graphics to make it work smoothly. Without a properly installed and up-to-date driver, you may end up encountering issues with multiple monitors.

Thus, this article presents an easy guide to downloading, installing, and updating the DisplayLink driver for Windows 10 and 11. Without wasting your extremely valuable time, let’s get started with how to get the needed driver.

How to Download, Install, and Update the DisplayLink Driver

There are various methods to download the DisplayLink driver update and install it. We share them below.

Method 1: Download the DisplayLink driver through the official website

The official website is among the safest and most reliable places to download the required driver updates. However, downloading drivers from the manufacturer’s website involves a series of complicated steps. If you have time and patience to follow a somewhat lengthy process, you may go along the below directions.

  1. Head to the official website of Synaptics.
  2. Click on the Downloads tab.
    Downloads tab
  3. Choose your operating system to go to the download page.
    Choose operating system
  4. Click on the button to Download the latest official drivers for DisplayLink.
    drivers for DisplayLink
  5. Read and accept the End User License Agreement to proceed further.
    User License Agreement
  6. Double-click on the downloaded executable file to run the installer for the DisplayLink driver.
  7. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to download the DisplayLink driver update.

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Method 2: Use the Device Manager tool of Windows to update the DisplayLink driver

You can download the DisplayLink driver update through Device Manager, a native Windows tool to accomplish driver-related tasks. However, this process is quite time-consuming. If you wish, you may follow the below instructions to try it.

  1. Search for Device Manager and select it from the on-screen results to open it.
    Device manager window 10
  2. Click on the category of USB Display Adapters to expand it. If you don’t see DisplayLink here, go to the Other Devices section.
  3. Right-click on DisplayLink and select Update driver from the on-screen options.
    Apple Mobile Device USB Device and select Update driver
  4. Search automatically for updated driver software.
    automatic driver update
  5. Wait till Windows finishes the download and installation of the DisplayLink driver.
  6. After the process is complete, restart your computer.

Method 3: Perform an update of your operating system

Updating the operating system is another way you can try to download the DisplayLink driver update and install it with ease. However, it has low chances of success as Windows often becomes unsuccessful in detecting very new driver updates. Still, you can follow these directions to try downloading drivers this way.

  1. Using the key combination Windows+I, launch the Settings panel.
  2. Choose Update & Security from the options visible to you.
    Update your operating system
  3. Select the tab to Check for updates.
    Check for updates
  4. After an update becomes available, Download and install it on your computer.
  5. Once you have completed the above steps, get the computer restarted.

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Method 4: Get the DisplayLink driver update downloaded automatically (Recommended)

As you may have noted, the manual methods to download the DisplayLink driver update are tough to implement and have their own shortcomings. Hence, we recommend updating drivers conveniently and easily through automatic driver update software, such as Bit Driver Updater.

Bit Driver Updater updates all the out-of-date drivers without requiring much effort from your end. Along with single-click automatic driver updates, it also lets you backup and restore drivers, increase the driver download speed, and perform many other functions related to drivers.

You may click on the download and installation link shared below to experience Bit Driver Updater yourself.

download now button

After clicking on the above link, complete the software installation. After installing the Bit Driver Updater, let it present a list of outdated drivers (it takes only a few moments to do it).

Once you get the outdated drivers’ list, you may Update All of them automatically with one click.

If you intend to update only the DisplayLink driver, you may select the option to Update Now.

However, experts always recommend updating all drivers to make sure the computer always performs smoothly.

Bit driver updater

If you still have any confusion, you may read the following section of commonly asked questions to get all the needed answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer some common questions about downloading, installing, and updating the DisplayLink driver for Windows.

Q1. What is a DisplayLink driver?

The DisplayLink driver is a piece of software that helps the DisplayLink device and your computer communicate with one another. It lets your  PC detect the monitor connected via a DisplayLink.

Q2. How do I download DisplayLink drivers for Windows 10?

This article shared many ways to get the DisplayLink drivers. You can go through them. If you wish to know the best way, we suggest downloading the updated driver and installing it through Bit Driver Updater.

Q3. Are DisplayLink drivers safe?

In our opinion, the DisplayLink drivers are absolutely safe. They do not pose any threat to the operating system.

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DisplayLink driver Downloaded, Installed, and Updated

Through this article, we discussed various ways to download, install, and update the DisplayLink driver for Windows 10 and 11. You may use the one you are most comfortable with.

However, in our and many other users’ opinion, it is always better to download and install driver updates automatically through Bit Driver Updater.

If you know other better ways to download the driver and install the DisplayLink driver for Windows, you may share the same through the comments section below.


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