The blue screen of death errors force stops your PC completely. These errors can be a nightmare for users. One of the BSOD errors is the BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER error.

The error indicates that the issue either lies in the USB driver or hardware. USB drivers help in establishing a medium of communication between USB devices and your operating system. Therefore, it is better to keep your drivers updated to have hassle-free connections with your Windows OS.

It is recommended to update USB drivers for Windows 10, 11, and other version devices. The drivers are issued by Microsoft and can be manually downloaded from the official website. Or an alternate way is to rely on driver updater software that can automatically perform the driver updates.

The Bit Driver Updater software can enhance the performance of your PC and provide reliable drivers. It does not require your system specifications to find the compatible drivers and can scan your device within a few minutes to provide the list of pending updates. Also, all your driver data can be restored and backed up if required.

The write-up below mentions the best possible methods to fix BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER blue screen error in your Windows 10 device.

How to Fix BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen Error?

Before you try the following methods make sure your Windows has no pending updates. Check for updates in the Settings app. Perform the updates and disconnect the hardware which can cause an error on your PC. Now proceed with the following methods in the order they listed until you find the one that works for your device.

FIX 1: Update USB Drivers

The BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER blue screen error can be due to a corrupted, missing, or outdated USB driver. The best ways to fix bugcode USB driver blue screen error is by downloading the updated USB drivers by any of the following methods:

Method 1: Update USB Drivers through Device Manager

You can update the USB driver in a partly-manual way from the Device Manager. Refer to the steps below to download the latest version of USB drivers.

Step 1: Use the Windows and R keys together on your keyboard to open the Run command prompt.

search for command prompt

Step 2: Write devmgmt.msc command to open Device Manager and click on Enter key or OK option.

Run Box Give the Command devmgmt.msc

Step 3: Find the Universal Bus Controllers and expand the section.

Step 4: Right-click on each driver and click on the update option.

Step 5: Select the option that allows your PC to search for updates automatically. Install the drivers with the help of on-screen instructions once the download completes.

Click on Search Automatically for Updated Driver

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Method 2: Update USB Drivers Automatically Through Bit Driver Updater

An alternate or easy method to update the USB driver is by using a Driver Updater tool. The Bit Driver Updater software allows you to automatically download all the pending driver updates. You can also schedule these driver updates at your convenient time. The tool holds a backup of all the driver specific data that can be restored easily.

Here are the steps to download Bit Driver Updater and use it to easily update USB or all the other outdated drivers.

Step 1: Download the driver update tool from the download link below and install it on your Windows PC.

download now button

Step 2: Run the Bit Driver Updater and begin the scan for outdated drivers with Scan Drivers option.

Bit Driver Updater

Step 3: Locate USB drivers and click on Update Now button to download the latest version of the driver software.

Step 4: Install the driver file by following the instructions displayed on your desktop screen.

The Pro version of the Bit Driver Updater software can update all the drivers with a single click. The Update All option allows users to complete the updation process of all the drivers that need an update. Moreover, it provides technical support around the clock and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Update All - Bit Driver Updater

Use any of the above methods to update USB drivers and check if the error is fixed. If the updated driver could not fix blue screen caused by bugcode_usb_driver error, move on to the next fix.

FIX 2: Uninstall Faulty or Internal Apps

The internal apps or services such as VMWare, Virtual Box, etc can be the cause of USB errors. Therefore, it is recommended to uninstall these applications to fix the error.

Step 1: Enter ‘turn Windows features on or off ’ in the search bar and click on it to open.

Step 2: A list of all the internal apps will be displayed. Find Hyper-V and click on the checkbox to uncheck it. Apply the changes by using the OK option.

Now check if the BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER error of BDOS is fixed. In case the issue remains, try the next method to fix it.

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FIX 3: Update Power Settings

For some users updating power settings helped in fixing BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER blue screen error. Refer to the steps below to change the power settings on your Windows 10 device.

Step 1: Open Run command dialog box with the help of shortcut keys Windows+R.

Step 2: Write the powercfg.cpl command and press enter key on your keyboard.

Step 3: Select the option ‘change plan settings’ present next to the current power plan of your device.

Step 4: Select the option ‘change advanced power settings’ and open USB settings.

Step 5: Click on the USB selective suspend option and disable all the mentioned plans under the suspend settings.

Once disabled apply the changes and click on OK to update the power settings.

Now check if the updated power settings could solve BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER BSOD error on your Windows device.

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BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen Error In Windows 10: FIXED

We hope the above methods helped you fix the blue screen error BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER. Use these methods in the order of their listing to save time and effort. Also, before you start trying the fixes make sure the USB drivers on your PC are up to date. Update the driver manually from the website. Download Bit Driver Updater software to automatically update USB and other outdated drivers. The automatic method is a recommended option to update drivers as it requires no extra time and effort from the users.

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