If the Twitch stream keeps freezing, pausing, buffering, and lagging, you can apply the solutions shared in this article to solve the problem effortlessly.

If you are a hardcore gamer, Twitch may not need much of what is known as an introduction. It is among the most popular platforms for video game streaming. However, some streamers reported that Twitch keeps freezing on their computers.

In case you are also experiencing Twitch buffering, freezing, and lagging problems, we understand how frustrating it can be. Therefore, this article talks about how to fix the said issues quickly and easily.

But before entering into troubleshooting, let’s first answer a common question, “why is my Twitch stream lagging?” Knowing the answer to this question helps you solve the problem better.

Causes of Twitch Buffering, Freezing, and Lagging

Following may be reasons Twitch keeps freezing, lagging, or pausing on your system.

  • Broken or corrupted system files
  • Browser problems
  • Conflicts with the antivirus software
  • DNS setting issues

Now that you got the answer to your question, “why does Twitch keep stopping”, let’s fix the issue.

Fixes for Twitch Keeps Freezing, Lagging, Pausing, and Buffering Problems

You can implement the following solutions to drive the Twitch lagging, buffering, freezing, and other issues away from the computer.

Fix 1: Update your network driver (Recommended)

Since internet problems are also a common reason Twitch keeps freezing, updating the network driver most certainly fixes the issue. You can update the driver automatically in not more than just a few seconds with expert software like Bit Driver Updater.

Bit Driver Updater requires only a few clicks to fetch all the necessary driver updates and install them on your computer. Moreover, this software comes with many other wonderful features, such as driver download pace acceleration, driver backup and restore scheduling of scans, and a lot more.

You can use the following link to download Bit Driver Updater and install the same on your device.

download now button
After you have installed the software, let it take some seconds to list all the outdated drivers. Once the out-of-date drivers appear, you may Update All to the recently released version with just a click.  

If you find it more appropriate to update only the network driver, you can select the Update Now button present in front of it.

However, experts believe it is crucial to update all drivers to achieve error-free and smooth computer performance.

Bit driver updater

Fix 2: Check the system files

If essential files of your computer are broken or corrupted, issues like Twitch stream lagging often appear. Therefore, you should check and fix the system files to solve the problem. You may take the following steps to do it.

  • Right-click the Windows icon and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the on-screen menu.

Command Prompt

  • Now, key in the below-mentioned command and press your keyboard’s Enter button.
    sfc /scannow 

hardware acceleration

  • After the verification completes and Windows detects and fixes the system file issues, restart your computer.

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Fix 3: Perform internet connection checking

If your internet connection is not stable or there are speed issues, you may encounter problems like Twitch keeps freezing. Hence, you may check the internet connection to fix the issues. Below are the directions you can follow to do it.

  • Use internet accelerator software to check and boost your connection speed.
  • If your WiFi is connected to multiple devices, disconnect the ones you are not using to prevent overcrowding.
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the top-right corner.
  • Pick Settings from the menu you get on the screen.


  • Find and click on the Privacy and security settings.

Privacy and security

  • Clear browsing data. 

clear browsing data

  • Mark all the options and click on the button to Clear data. 

clear daaata

  • Disable the ones that you do not use or seem suspicious.
  • Toggle off the Use hardware acceleration when available option if it is enabled.

hardware acceleration

Fix 5: Use a different browser

If changing the settings did not fix the Twitch lagging, you may switch to another browser to use the platform without any issues. If you are confused about which browser you should use, you can pick one from our top favorites.

Fix 6: Unblock Twitch on your antivirus software

Problems with the antivirus software are also an answer to the question, “why does Twitch keep freezing?” The antivirus may have blocked Twitch resulting in the issues you are encountering. Therefore, you need to unblock the platform.

The steps to do it vary from antivirus to antivirus. Hence, you may check the manual of your antivirus to learn how to whitelist applications on it.

Fix 7: Check your DNS settings

Incorrect DNS settings may lead to a crowded cache which in turn causes Twitch buffering. Thus, you can flush your DNS and use a public server to fix the issues. Below we share the steps to do both.

Steps to flush the DNS

In the box that

  • appears, key in cmd, and hit the Shift and Enter keys simultaneously.


  • Now, copy and paste the following command in the on-screen window.
    ipconfig /flushdns
  • Hit Enter after pressing the above command.

ip configuration

Steps to make use of a public DNS server

  • Right-click the taskbar’s network icon to Open Network & Internet Settings. 

network icon

  • Change adapter options.

Change adapter

  • Right-click your network and pick Properties from the given options.


  • Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select Properties. 

ethernet properties

  • Set as the Alternate DNS server. 
  • Make a click on the OK button.


  • Launch Twitch to ensure the freezing, lagging, and the buffering problem is resolved.

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Twitch Keeps Freezing, Buffering, and Lagging: Fixed

Through this article, we acquainted you with the solutions to the Twitch stream lagging, freezing, and buffering. If you want to know just one best fix for the issue, we recommend updating the device drivers with Bit Driver Updater.

If you know about other better ways to solve the problem, kindly enlighten us and our other readers through the comments section.

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