Sound holds a special place in our life. It is so indispensable that we even fail to imagine our computers without it. After all, it takes our computing experience to another level. You also wanted to install Realtek audio driver with a similar thought in mind, i.e., to make the most of your PC, right? But, what you got is “install Realtek HD audio driver failure” error code 0001. Well, we understand how frustrating this can be.

Therefore, we are here with the quickest fixes to resolve this annoying Realtek error code 0001 on Windows 10.

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We have also provided more details about using Bit Driver Updater and various other fixes. So without any ado, let’s straight away move on to the solutions that you need.

Fixes for “install Realtek HD audio driver failure” Error Code 0001

Below are the solutions to get rid of the “install Realtek HD audio driver failure” error code 0001.

Fix 1: Install Realtek Audio Driver Again

Reinstalling the Realtek audio driver can also fix the “install Realtek HD audio driver failure” error code 0001. Below are the steps to do it.

  • In the search bar visible on the Task Bar, type “Device Manager” and select the topmost result that you get.
    Install Realtek Audio Driver Again
  • Once Device Manager comes up, expand the “Sound, video, and game controllers” category.
  • Right-click “Realtek audio driver” and select “uninstall device” from the menu that appears.
    Install Realtek audio driver again-1
  • Complete the uninstallation and after it completes, restart the PC.
  • Launch Device Manager again and click on “Action”.
  • Choose “Scan for hardware changes” from the drop-down menu.
    Install Realtek audio driver again-2
  • Lastly, reinstall the driver.

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Fix 2: Resolve the Driver Conflict

Known issues exist between the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver and Realtek. Thus, you need to follow the below steps to resolve them and fix the “install Realtek HD audio driver failure” error code 0001.

  • Open “Device Manager” and expand the “System Devices” category.
  • Choose “Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio”.
    Resolve the Driver Conflict
  • Right-click on it and choose “Disable”.
  • Open “Control Panel” and move to “Programs and Features”.
    Resolve the driver conflict-1
  • Double click Realtek High Definition Audio Driver and choose “Uninstall”.
    Resolve the driver conflict-2
  • Boot the computer again.
  • Launch Device Manager again and click on “Action”.
  • From the drop-down menu that appears, choose “Scan for hardware changes”.
    Resolve the driver conflict-3
  • Lastly, reinstall the driver and check whether “install Realtek HD audio driver failure” error code 0001 is resolved or not.

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Fix 3: Use Device Manager’s Add Legacy Hardware Option

This fix is particularly applicable in the cases where the “Sound, video, and game controllers” category is not visible in Device Manager. Thus, if you cannot locate it, then implement the below steps to fix Realtek HD audio error code 0001.

  • Go to “Device Manager” and click on “Action”.
  • Select “Add legacy hardware” from the drop-down menu.
    Use Device Manager’s Add Legacy Hardware Option
  • Click “Next” for adding Sound, video, and game controllers in Device Manager.
    Use Device Manager’s Add legacy hardware option-1
  • Choose “Search for and install the hardware automatically(Recommended)”.
  • Click on “Next”.
    Use Device Manager’s Add Legacy Hardware Option

Now, install the driver again to fix  “install Realtek HD audio driver failure” error code 0001.

Fix 4: Update Windows

Updating Windows often resolves issues such as Realtek error code 0001. Therefore, follow the below steps to update your OS.

  • In the search box visible on the Task Bar, type “Settings” and open the first search result.
    Update The Windows
  • Choose “Update & security”.
    Update The Windows-1
  • Move to “Windows update” and click on “Check for updates”.
    Update The Windows-2

After the Windows gets updated, “install Realtek HD audio driver failure” error code 0001 won’t trouble you anymore.

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Fix 5: Install the Realtek Driver Application Again

Sometimes, Realtek driver application bugs may be the reason for which you are getting Realtek HD audio error code 0001. Thus, follow the below steps to fix it.

  • Download the application from the Realtek website.
  • Move to the download page, enter your email address and the required captcha.
  • Wait for the download to completes.
  • After the download finishes, double-click the file to install it.
  • Lastly, click on “Next” and wait for the installation to complete.

Fix 6: Change the Sound Card

Your sound card may be faulty and need to be replaced. Thus, if none of the solutions work, then consider changing your sound card.

Fix 7: Download Realtek HD audio driver using Bit Driver Updater (Recommended)

Driver, as you may know, is software that makes hardware work the way you expect from it. In the absence of correct drivers, even the most well-built computer peripherals fail to give the desired output. The same is true in the case of Realtek audio, it also works only when you have got the compatible drivers. Therefore, to install the audio drivers correctly and get rid of “install Realtek HD audio driver failure” error code 0001, you need to use Bit Driver Updater.

We know you might be pondering that when there are manual ways to download, install, and update drivers, then what is the need to use Bit Driver Updater to resolve the Realtek HD audio error code 0001. Well, you need it because this best driver updater not only gets you the latest and correct drivers in no time but also takes the PC’s performance to unimaginable heights. Moreover, with Bit Driver Updater at your disposal, PC errors are the last thing that you need to worry about. Below is how to download the driver with this incredible utility.

How to download Realtek HD audio driver with Bit Driver Updater

  • Download, install, and evoke Bit Driver Updater.
  • Click on “Scan” to find all the outdated, missing, and corrupt drivers on your PC.
  • Once the scan results are displayed on the screen, click on “Update Now” to get the correct Realtek audio drivers. In case you want to update all the worn out or missing drivers in one fell swoop, then click on “Update All”.

Implementation of the above three steps is all you need to resolve Realtek HD audio driver failure error code 0001. This fix is failproof and will surely work for you. Thus, without thinking twice, click on the below Bit Driver Updater download link.

download now button

Bit Driver Updater

Along with this, you can also try Bit Driver Updater to fix your Realtek HD audio driver issues. It is also quite capable of fixing driver problems and upgrading them effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Audio Driver?

An audio driver is a file integrating software for Windows that ensures smooth and regular communication between the audio devices connected to the computer and the operating system installed. These drivers help in reading and running the audio files in the audio device, speakers, and more.

What is a Realtek High-Definition Audio Driver?

As the name suggests, the Realtek High-Definition Audio Driver is a competent audio driver for Windows that allows the operating system to play audio of different formats and resolutions, including the HD one, in different audio devices.

Why do I get the Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure Error?

There could be one or more reasons behind the ‘install Realtek HD Audio Driver failure’ error. This can happen due to the corruption of driver files, a conflict between the audio driver and audio devices, an outdated operating system, device manager problems, sound card problems, or any other. We have provided a solution to all these problems above.

How do I solve the problem of the Realtek HD Audio driver failure ?

With the yelp of all the methods and steps explained above, you can easily solve all the problems related to Realtek HD audio drivers. We would recommend installing the Bit Driver Updater as it provides real-time automatic updates for all the outdated drivers on the system.

“Install Realtek HD audio driver failure” error code 0001: Fixed

Above, we discussed the simple fixes that you can try to resolve “install Realtek HD audio driver failure” error code 0001. If you need suggestions about which fix to try first, then we would suggest you begin with trying to update the driver by a competent driver updating program. It will also resolve all the PC errors and give your PC a new life. Lastly, before bidding adieu, do let us know your thoughts in the comment box below and also subscribe to our blog for more such tech knowledge.

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