You can make Fortnite run smoother on PCs/laptops with even low-end specifications. Read on to learn the best tips to do it.

Battle Royale fans who find arcade games fun to play must have played Fortnite. In this multiplayer game, you can defeat over 100 different gamers from across the globe with the strongest weapons.

However, certain gaming errors and issues may make the game not so enjoyable. Therefore, we are here with tips from gaming experts on how to make Fortnite run better on PC.

These tips also prove to be magical if you have a low-end PC or a laptop and are looking for how to make Fortnite run better on it.

Let’s move straight to the needed tips to make Fortnite run smoother on PC or laptop without further ado.

How to Run Fortnite on low-end PCs and Laptops

Below are some tried and tested suggestions for how to make Fortnite run better even on a low-end PC or laptop.

Tip 1: Make Sure your PC Matches the Game Requirements

Every game has different system requirements. You must ensure that your PC or laptop adheres to them to make Fortnite run better. Below we share the game requirements along with how to check the computer specifications.

Fortnite system requirements

OS: Windows 10/8/7, 64 Bit

Processor: Core i3 2.4GHz


GPU: Intel HD 4000 or better

HDD space: At least 16 GB

DirectX: Not older than version 11

Steps to view the PC specifications

  • Employ the keyboard shortcut Windows+I to launch Settings.
  • Choose System from the available options.
    view the PC specifications- click on system
  • Select About from the screen’s left pane.
  • View the complete information about your computer.
    view the PC specifications
  • If needed, get the necessary hardware updates to make Fornite run smoother on PC/laptop.

Tip 2: Change the In-Game Settings

You can make a few adjustments in the game settings to get a higher FPS. This tip has helped many users, including the ones searching for how to make Fortnite run better on a bad PC.

Thus, here are the steps to tweak the in-game settings.

  • Open Fortnite. 
  • Click on the three horizontal bars present at the uppermost-right corner to launch the main fortnite and click on three horizontal line
  • Click on the Settings option.
    Click on the fortnite setting
  • Change the video settings as highlighted in the image below.
    Change the in-game settings
  • Save the changes and move out of Fortnite.

Tip 3: Get the Graphics Driver Updated (Recommended)

Most of the gaming problems are a result of the outdated graphics driver. Updating the driver helps you prevent and cure most of the annoying issues.

You can follow two approaches to update the graphics card driver. One is a longer manual approach and the other is a much more convenient automatic option.

We recommend the latter as it is always better and safer to get the drivers updated using programs like Bit Driver Updater.

Bit Driver Updater gets the updated drivers from reliable sources, downloads, and installs them with just a click. Moreover, it also offers multiple advantages, such as the option to create and restore driver backups, accelerate the driver download speed, etc.

We did a thorough analysis and review of this software in one of our other articles. You can give it a read to get a deeper understanding of Bit Driver Updater.

Here is how to update the graphics driver via Bit Driver Updater.

  • Make a click on the button below to download Bit Driver Updater’s installer.
    download now button
  • Select the downloaded setup and install the software.
  • Allow Bit Driver Updater to scan your computer intensely for some seconds.
  • Select the Update All option to update all the problematic drivers updated automatically.Get the graphics driver updated

However, if you wish to update just the graphics driver, choose the Update Now option.

Tip 4: Adjust Visual Effects for the Best Performance

Modifying the visual effect settings can also go a long way in helping you get Fortnite to run better on PC. Below is how to do it.

  • Input Control Panel in Windows search.
  • Select the first search result.
    Open control panel
  • Choose Category from the View by menu.
  • Select System and Security.
    Select System and Security
  • Choose System from the available options.
    click on system
  • Select Advanced System Settings from the left pane.
    Advanced System Settings
  • Select the Advanced label and select Properties from the Performance section.
    Advanced label and select Properties
  • Advance to the Visual effects tab and select the Adjust for best performance option.
    Adjust for best performance
  • Click on Apply and OK to preserve the changes that you have made.

Tip 5: Change the Power Settings

Changing the power settings to high performance is also one of the expert suggested methods for how to make Fortnite run better on Windows 10 PC.

Thus, here are the steps to make modifications in the power settings.

  • Open Control Panel. 
  • Choose Large icons from the View by menu.
  • Find and click on Power Options.
    Change the power settings- open power option
  • Choose High Performance from the “Choose or customize a power plan” section.Change the power settings- choose high performance

Tip 6: Turn off Windows Update Delivery Optimization

Disabling Windows Update Delivery Optimization also helps boost the gaming performance of your computer.

Thus, below is how to run Fortnite smoothly on a low-end PC by turning off Windows Update Delivery Optimization.

  • Input Windows update settings in the search box and select it from results.
    Turn off Windows Update Delivery Optimization
  • Click on Advanced Options.
    Turn off Windows Update Delivery Optimization- click on advanced
  • Click on Delivery Optimization. 
  • Turn off the Allow downloads from other PCs toggle.
    Turn off Windows Update Delivery Optimization-allow

Tip 7: Turn Off Resource Hogging Apps

Certain applications have extensive CPU/memory consumption. Hence, it becomes a bit tough for the computer to run games like Fortnite efficiently.

Thus, below is the way to end such applications to make Fortnite run better on PC.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager.
    Turn off resource hogging apps- open task manager
  • Proceed to the Processes tab right-click the application that consumes the most CPU/memory.
  • Choose End task from the context menu.
    Turn off resource hogging apps-end task

Tip 8: Remove Temp/Junk Files

Deleting the temporary or junk files is also one of the expert-recommended ways to boost gaming and overall PC performance.

Thus, below is how to delete temp/junk files to make Fortnite run better on PC.

  • Use the keyboard command Windows+R to view the Run box.
  • Input %temp% in the Run box and hit Enter.
    search for temp
  • Use the Ctrl+A shortcut to select all the files.
  • After selecting the files, press Delete to get rid of them.
    Remove prefetch files
  • Click Skip if you get “the folder or a file in it is open in another program” warning.
  • Launch the Run box again, type prefetch, and hit Enter.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A to select all the files and hit the Delete button.
  • Click Skip to bypass “the folder or a file in it is open in another program” warning.
  • After completing the above steps, delete the contents of the Recycle Bin.

Concluding How to Make Fortnite Run Better on PC

Above, we answered one of the most frequently asked questions, i.e., “how do I make Fortnite run better on my PC?”

We believe that these tips will be of much help to boost the gaming performance of your computer.

If you don’t want to try them all and want a straight answer to the question “how to run Fortnite on low-end PCs?”, we suggest you update drivers with Bit Driver Updater.

And for more tech tips and guides, make this blog a part of your subscriptions and bookmarks.

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