Don’t panic if Deathloop won’t start on PC or crash on startup. The issue is easily fixable. Read on to learn the best fixes to it.

Back in 2021, Deathloop grabbed a lot of attention for its innovative gameplay. A lot of gaming enthusiasts truly like this loop of a struggle between two assassins that determines an island’s fate. Are you also interested in playing this first-person shooter video game, but Deathloop keeps crashing on your computer? If yes, this article is here to help you.

Through this piece of writing, we acquaint you with the easiest possible ways to fix the issues if Deathloop keeps crashing on PC. However, before learning the solutions, it is crucial to understand why the problem occurs in the first place.

If you know the reasons Deathloop keeps crashing on PC, it becomes easy as pie to fix it. Hence, let’s talk about the same.

Why is Deathloop Not Launching

Following may be the reason why Deathloop is crashing on startup and not launching on your PC.

  • A mismatch between the game’s system requirements and computer specifications
  • The graphics driver is outdated
  • Corrupted or damaged game files
  • You are using a weaker GPU
  • Conflicts between the game and third-party software
  • The overlay is interfering with the game

Above, we discussed the causes of the Deathloop PC crash. Now, let’s fix it.

Fixes for Deathloop Keeps Crashing on PC

You may apply the solutions shared below to solve the Deathloop won’t start or keep crashing on PC problems.

Fix 1: Check the game requirements and PC specifications

All games have some basic conditions that a computer must meet to run the game successfully. If the game requirements are not met, you may face irritating issues like Deathloop crashing on PC.

Hence, you need to check and match the game requirements and PC specifications with each other.

Below we share the system requirements of Deathloop and the steps to check your computer specifications.

Minimum system requirements of Deathloop

CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600

RAM: 12 GB

Operating System: Windows 10, 64-Bit, version 1909

Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 580

Pixel Shader: 5.1

Disk Space: 30 GB

Video RAM: 6 GB, 8 GB in case of AMD

Steps to check PC specifications 

  • Using the Windows+I shortcut command of the keyboard, launch the Settings panel.
  • Pick System from the options you get on your screen.

Windows System Setting

  • Select About from the left panel to view all the specifications of your computer.

Fix 2: Update the driver for your graphics card (Recommended)

Outdated drivers are among the top cause of almost every gaming and other issue you may encounter, including the Deathloop crash on startup. Therefore, updating the driver can most certainly fix the problems.

You may update the driver through traditional ways like downloading the updated drivers from the manufacturer’s website or easily through an automatic software (like our recommendation, Bit Driver Updater).

Bit Driver Updater downloads the needed driver updates and installs them automatically with a single click. Moreover, it also boasts many other useful features, like driver backup and restore, increasing the pace of downloading drivers, scheduled scans for out-of-date drivers, and more.

You can use the following link to get Bit Driver Updater and experience all its incredible features.

download now button

After downloading the software and installing it, you only need to wait for a few seconds to get the outdated drivers’ list. When the list of outdated drivers comes up, you may Update All automatically.

If you wish to update only the graphics card driver, you may pick the Update Now option.

However, experts suggest updating all drivers to ensure smooth computer performance.

Bit driver updater

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Fix 3: Perform game file checking

Missing and corrupted system files are also a reason your favorite game Deathloop keeps crashing. Therefore, you need to check and verify the integrity of your game files. Following are the step-by-step directions to do it.

  • Open Steam and navigate to the LIBRARY tab.


  • Right-click on Deathloop and select Properties from the on-screen menu.


  • Navigate to the LOCAL FILES and verify integrity of game files. 

integrity of game files

  • After completing the above steps, relaunch the game and check whether the Deathloop crash on startup is fixed or not.

Fix 4: Make use of a stronger GPU

If the Deathloop PC crashing accompanies an Intel GPU not supported issue, you may not be using a strong GPU. Hence, if your computer has two GPUs, you may take the following steps to use a powerful and dedicated GPU to fix the crashing problem.

  • Search for and launch your computer’s graphics settings. 

Graphic Setting

  • Click on Browse to look for the game’s installation folder.
  • Go to the game’s installation folder and add exe. file of Deathloop.
  • Select Options. 

Deathloop options

  • Choose High performance and click on Save. 

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Fix 5: Disable the conflicting third-party software

Certain third-party software like MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner Statistics Server is known to cause the Deathloop crash on PC startup. Hence, disabling these programs can help you solve the problem. Below is the step-by-step way to do it.

  • Right-click the taskbar’s empty space and choose Task Manager from the on-screen menu.

Task manager

  • Stay on the Process tab, right-click the program you want to disable and choose End Task. 

Be very careful when performing the above step. Do not disable any program you are unfamiliar with. Otherwise, you may end up with critical PC performance problems.

We suggest disabling all familiar programs except the Deathloop game and its launcher.

  • After disabling the programs, launch the game to check if the problem is resolved or still the Deathloop keeps crashing.

Fix 6: Disable the game overlay

Overlays make performing various tasks easier when playing the game. However, they also interfere with the normal running of games and cause issues like the Deathloop crashing on PC. Thus, you may disable the overlay to solve the problem. Following is the step-by-step process to do it on Steam and Discord.

Steps to disable the game overlay on Steam

  • Launch the Steam client.
  • Select Steam from the upper right corner.
  • Click on Settings. 

Steam and setting

  • Choose In-Game from the left panel and remove the tickmark from Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game. 
  • Choose OK. 

Enable the steam overplay

Steps to disable the game overlay on Discord 

  • Open Discord. 
  • Select the cogwheel (Settings) icon from the left pane’s bottom.

cogwheel cogwheel

  • Choose Overlay from the left pane and turn off the option to Enable in-game overlay. 

Enable in game overlay

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Deathloop Keeps Crashing Issue Fixed

Through this article, we helped you fix the Deathloop crashing on PC. You may use any of the above solutions to get rid of the problem.

However, if you don’t have enough time to try all the fixes, we suggest updating drivers via Bit Driver Updater to fix the issue.

To troubleshoot more tech issues and expand your knowledge about the world of technology, stay tuned to Innovana Techlabs Blog.





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