Have a look at this honest Slimware Driver Updater review before downloading and using it on your PC to fix your system drivers. Read on to understand the functionality, pros, cons, & specifications of the Slimware driver update tool better.

Currently, we all are living a fast-paced life, and time has become much more precious. Hence, to perform our tasks faster, we use computers. So, it is important to keep the PC healthy, including its drivers as well. However, most of the people ignore this crucial task due to lack of time and face several functioning issues with their PC hardware. The simplest solution to avoid this situation is using some of the best driver updating programs like Slimware Driver Updater. 

But before using it, you should know whether it fulfills your requirements or not. And to know it, what’s better than an honest review. Hence, today we have come up with the Slimware Driver Updater review to help you decide whether the tool is best for you or not. So, let’s start with a brief introduction of this Slimware utility.

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Slimware DriverUpdate Introduction

Slimware is one of the prominent developers of PC optimization utilities, and one of those utilities is the Slimware DriverUpdate. It helps the users to repair the driver-related problems of their Windows computers. In one click, you can detect all the driver issues hampering the functioning of your PC hardware and get their solution as well. It is pretty easy to use and works best on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

However, fixing driver issues is not the only solution that this helpful tool provides to its users. You can also use it to maintain the stability of your PC. There are several other highlights of the utility that we have noticed during this Slimware driver updater review and are pretty helpful as well. Below we have discussed the specifications and features of Slimware DriverUpdate software.

Slimware DriverUpdate Specifications

Developer: Slimware

Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Installer size: 691 KB

Driver Database: Continuously Expanding Cloud Database

Additional Features: Automatic Driver Restore Point Creation, Driver Exclusion, 

Scan Scheduler

Free Version: Available

Cost (Full Version): $19.97 (1 Year Subscription, 1 PC)

$59.97 (Lifetime Subscription, 5 PCs)

The above specifications may have given you an idea about the developers, system requirements, and multiple versions of the DriverUpdate. Now, let’s have a look at the key features of this one of the prominent Slimware utilities.

Slimware DriverUpdate Key Features

Below we have highlighted the features of this driver updating software that we found helpful while making this Slimware driver updater review.

  • Compact Size

One of the features of Slimware DriverUpdate that is pretty praiseworthy is its extraordinarily compact size. The program is quite lightweight and barely use any of your system resource. Hence, it doesn’t affect any of the programs on your PC. 

  • Cloud Database

The database of Slimware driver updater tool is pretty enormous and the best thing about it is that it is not certain. It keeps on increasing. The reason behind this is that the Slimware driver upgrading tool offers a cloud database.

  • Scan Scheduling Option

You can even schedule your scans with the advanced scan scheduling option. It helps you to automate the scanning process. So, you do not have to perform manual scans once you set the scanning schedules on the Slimware DriverUpdate software. It will automatically perform the driver scan as per the pre-set time and duration.

  • Driver Backup

The program also helps in creating a restoring point for your installed drivers before repairing or updating them. It comes with a backup option using which you can easily create backups of your system drivers. 

  • Simple & User-Friendly Interface

The interface of Slimware DriverUpdate is also easy and beginner-friendly. Anyone can use the program without much guidance. So, if you are a computer novice, then you can rely on this tool to update your PC drivers.

  • Option To Ignore Driver Updates

With the Slimware software to update drivers, you can even select the drivers that you do not want to update. It offers an option to ignore some of the driver updates. Hence, if you do not want the Slimware tool to interfere with some of your drivers, then you can also do that quite easily.

  • Run At Startup Feature

If you want the software to scan the PC drivers at the system startup itself, then you can also do it. Slimware DriverUpdate comes with a run at startup feature. And you can easily disable it as well, anytime you want.

  • Robust Support

The support system of Slimware is also pretty commendable. Users get both email and chat support. Hence, you can contact the developers with any of the available means you want if you face any trouble with the driver updater software. Slimware offers premium support for all its utilities. And it’s not just our opinion, but most of the users have positive Slimware premium support reviews.

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Versions Available (Plans & Pricing Details)

The developers offer two versions of the DriverUpdate software, i.e., the free version, and the other one is the full or paid version. If you are confused about both of them, then relax. We’ll let you know the offerings of both versions along with their differences in this Slimware driver updater review. So, first of all, let’s discuss about the free version of the tool.

  • Slimware DriverUpdate Free Version

If you are someone who is looking for a free driver upgrading program, then you may consider Slimware DriverUpdate. The tool offers several useful features, including the detailed driver scan in its free version. However, if you want to get the driver updates installed on your computer, then you have to opt for the paid version of Slimware driver updater.

And just like this, several other advanced features are only available in the full version of the program. Hence, to have complete access to the Slimware DriverUpdate functionality, you have to purchase its full version.

  • Slimware DriverUpdate Full (Paid) Version & Its Plans

As stated above, the full version of the software allows you to access all its essential and advanced features. You can update your drivers, create their backups, set scanning schedules, and do many other things using the full version of Slimware DriverUpdate. 

If you want to purchase the paid version of the tool, then you’ll have to choose between two plans, one offers a subscription for a year for 1 PC at $19.97, and the other offers a lifetime subscription for 5-different PC at $59.97. So if you choose the first plan, then you’ll get the access to use Slimware DriverUpdate full version for a year on one computer. And if you choose the other, then you can use the complete version of the tool for a lifetime that too on 5-different PCs.

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Slight Peek Into The Functionality Of Slimware DriverUpdate

Now, as we know all about the features, plans, and functions of one of the Slimware utilities, i.e.,  DriverUpdate, hence, let’s have a slight peek into its functionality. Below are the instructions that you can follow to use the offered functions of the Slimware driver updating program.

Step 1: Download & Install Slimware DriverUpdate On Your PC

If you do not have the Slimware driver updater on your PC, then the first thing that you have to do is download & install the software. You can download the software setup by clicking here.

Download Now

The size of the setup file is only 691 KBs. Hence, it’ll not take you much time to download this Slimware tool to update hardware drivers. And once you downloaded the setup, use it to install the software. Just run it and follow the simple on-screen directions. The entire process takes only a minute or a couple of minutes to get complete. It’s pretty simple to download and install the Slimware driver update software.

Step 2: Run Driver Scan

Now, after installing the Slimware utility, the next step is to launch it and run the driver scan to detect all the faulty PC drivers. Hence, first of all, you have to go to the folder or location of your computer where you have installed the tool, then after that, make it run.

Run Driver Scan

Once you launch the Slimware DriverUpdate software, look for the Start Scan option on the home screen and select it to start the driver scan. Once you have initiated the driver scan feature, wait for a while and let the software detect all the faulty drivers. You can even stop the process by choosing the Stop Scan button.

Step 3: Check Results And Update Drivers

After the scan gets over, you’ll get a list of driver issues and updates. Evaluate the list and update the drivers you want to repair. It is pretty simple to do so, just click the Download button, and the software will start downloading and installing the driver update on your computer.

Check Results And Update Drivers

You can also download multiple driver upgrades at once by selecting the drivers you want to update and then clicking the Update Selected Drivers button. It also allows you to ignore certain drivers you want.

Bonus Tips

  • Along with detecting the faulty drivers and downloading their updates, you can also use this tool to create restore points for your drivers and then later on restore them whenever you want. For this, you have to go to the Backup & Restore tabs available.
    tip bonus
  • Slimware DriverUpdate can also help you to detect the driver issues during the startup process of your PC itself. It also features a Run at startup option.
  • We have also tried the scanning scheduler feature of the tool while making this Slimware driver updater review and also found it pretty helpful.

Note: The functioning that we have reviewed and discussed above is of the full version of Slimware DriverUpdate.

Now, as we have comprehensively examined this Slimware utility, let’s discuss its pros that we have liked and cons that we didn’t like.

Things We Liked About Slimware DriverUpdate

After examining the software thoroughly, here we would like to mention the things that we liked about it in this Slimware DriverUpdate review.

  • Fast scanning speed
  • Compact size
  • Easy installation process
  • Easy to navigate and use interface
  • Creates driver backup and avoids the risk of driver loss 
  • Strong support system
  • Compatibility with Windows 7 and other older versions including XP and Vista
  • Feature to ignore driver updates that you want

Things We Didn’t Like About Slimware DriverUpdate

While reviewing the software, we have also encountered and noticed some of the cons of the Slimware DriverUpdate tool that we didn’t like. One of them is that it doesn’t have any option to update all the detected faulty drivers at once. You cannot just simply click a button and repair all the drivers. You have to select all the driver issues and then click on the Update Selected Drivers button to get the upgrades of all the outdated or corrupted drivers at once.

Another thing that we didn’t like about this Slimware utility is the undescriptive scanning result that it provides after performing a driver scan. Users don’t get to know about the driver version they have, or they are getting by looking at the scanning results. And sometimes, the software detects pretty less faulty drivers as compared to other competent alternatives available.

However, if you can tolerate the above things, then we suggest you to go with this tool to update your drivers. But, if these things are your priority and you cannot avoid the cons of Slimware DriverUpdate, then you have to look for some other equally good alternatives like Bit Driver Updater for your PC.

A few of the readers might still have some queries about using this driver updating tool from Slimware. Don’t worry, as we are also going to answer some of the frequently asked questions about the software before concluding this Slimware driver updater review. Here they are.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Slimware Driver Updater Tool

As promised, here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions that users have about using the Slimware driver updater tool on their PC.

Is Slimware DriverUpdate legit & safe software to use?

It is one of the most common questions that users have for any of the driver updating tool. The reason is there are a lot of incompetent driver updating programs available on the web containing some malware. Hence, users doubt the legitimacy of a driver updating tool. But don’t worry, Slimware DriverUpdater is a legit and safe tool to use on your PC for repairing the drivers.

How to activate Slimware DriverUpdate full version?

The full version of the Slimware DriverUpdate software offers plenty of helpful options to optimize the hardware drivers and overall PC functioning. Hence, if you want to activate it, then below are the steps you need to follow.

  • First of all purchase the license or registration key from the official website of the developers.
  • Then after that, launch the Slimware driver updater software.
  • Click on the Register Now button available on the home screen of the program.
  • Now, enter your email address and the key that you have purchased in the respective text boxes and click the Activate Now button.

How to get a refund?

If you have purchased the full version of this Slimware utility and didn’t like using it, then you can demand a refund from the developers. They have a 60-day money-back guarantee policy under which a user can claim a refund for the product purchased within the duration of 60 days after the order date. You can know more about it by visiting the support page of Slimware.

How to uninstall Slimware DriverUpdate?

Some of the users may not be satisfied with the services offered by this Slimware tool and maybe looking to uninstall it. If you are one of them, then here are the instructions that can help you to uninstall the Slimware DriverUpdate.

  • Close the Slimware DriverUpdate window.
  • Then close the program completely by right-clicking the systray icon and choosing the Exit option.
  • After that, use the Windows search feature and type Apps and Features in it.
  • Open it from the results.
  • Find the DriverUpdate option and select it.
  • Then, click the Uninstall button and later on follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the program correctly.

After uninstalling the tool, if you want to use some other competent and reliable software to repair system drivers, then we suggest you to use Bit Driver Updater. You can know about the plethora of handy features that the tool offers by reading our detailed Bit Driver Updater review.

Time To Conclude The Slimware Driver Updater Review

So, now as we have answered the common questions and provided all the information about the software, it’s time to conclude this Slimware driver updater review. Our final verdict for the tool is that it’s a must-try for novice users to repair their PC drivers. However, as mentioned above, if you are quite sensitive about the descriptive scanning results and option to update all the drivers at once, then this tool may disappoint you a lot. In that case, you may check out one of the robust and feature-rich alternatives of Slimware DriverUpdate software, i.e., Bit Driver Updater. 

Let us know your opinions about the Slimware DriverUpdate software using the comments. And if you want more such reviews in the future, then subscribe to the Innovana blogs.

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